April 15, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Tropical H&M

New collection just arrived! Pictures taken by the professional Terry Richardson.

Yes, it's finally here! You know, I have been hearing rumors about H&M starting a completely new collection with totally different design and colors, but I wasn't really aware of how amazing they would look.
Take a tour around this post and see if you like it!

A beautiful white, long and fluffy dress. I love it myself. If I had a chance to go out and wear it- I would. The amazing cotton fabric is so economic, the dress may look expensive, but it's actually affordable.
Perfect for a night out, long walks down the beach, or even going to the theater!

This is my favorite. I love the delicate fabric, skin tight dress. And pink is my favorite color. 
It's actually suitable for any occasion. Romantic, Girly, Sexy or even Casual style. 
I am thinking about wrapping the dress with a small brown leather belt around the waist, then just brown sandals. Simply Perfect.

Sleeveless dress... oh, how many girls love those type of dresses. 
Beautiful cotton, so affordable. H&M company made it sure everyone can glam and afford a beautifully designed dress this summer.

There are many more designs to choose from, I like those three. 

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