April 5, 2012

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Alejandro Resta Outfits

While browsing the Spanish Vogue  magazine, I stopped and looked at one picture. A photo of a model dressed so nicely. She was wearing an elegant top and trousers with cut parts on the sides. All blue. Then a finishing big gold belt and necklace. It looked wonderful so I decided to do some more research on the Fashion Designer, in this case known as Alejandro Resta.  I found these mixed photos:

This is one of the models. I really love that dress, the cut and the fabric. I used to have Barbie dolls and they had the same dresses. Kind of silky, very visible when creased. I guess what really bothers me is that there is something "too much" in the look. Very often Fashion designers don't realize how just simple an outfit can go, so they try to accessorize to make it more glamorous. In this case I think Alejandro went too far. 
I often see the same dress cut on one of the celebrities, and the only thing they wear is high peep-toes and a clutch. They know that once they accessorize with too much jewellery or better yet, a wild hairstyle, the heavy looking dress will be cut out from being seen and getting all the attention it was waiting for. 

I love the cuts and the color. Alejandro Resta chose very daring cuts on the models outfits. They show true glam to the highest standards. I just think there is too much. The wild and heavy on the spray hairstyle is not necessary here. too heavy make up has been used. The outfits or just enough I think. 
You know, maybe it's just me, thinking he went a little too far with the looks out here. Models looking like light bulbs, shining everywhere you look.....

Well, there you have it. Styles and Looks by Alejandro Resta. I'm sorry I didn't give you a link to his wikipedia page, it's because he's not there! 
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