April 4, 2012

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What to Expect this Fall/Winter

I know we all are looking forward to the summer. Taking out all those summer dresses and denim shorts, spending time on the beach and picnics- ahh, can't wait.
But I just wanted to show you what one of the biggest fashion designer labels have been working on.
While we'll be at the beach tanning our skins, the Designers will be showing their fall/winter collection to all of us. Making sure we all stay in style is what all designers wish to achieve. And BaniCeleb too!:)
Ok, so here are some great pics I've chosen to show you. Burberry, as one of my favorite labels in the fashion industry.


Burberry is a long time recognizable Fashion label. Created by Thomas Burberry in 1856, Burberry is highly known from it trench coats. Therefore, the company tries to continue being recognized from their great coats and jackets. 
This fall and winter green and brown color shades were seen on clothes. Brown or yellow belts wrapped around jackets and dresses. Beautiful ankle boots and owl-print t-shirts made the outfits looks very cozy and casual. 

How to Wear it:

If you are a Burberry Girl, try wearing Earth-tone clothing. Tights with a knee-length skirt and an owl-print top, all wrapped with a small yellow belt. Trust me, you will look amazing!
For colder days, choose comfortable ankle boots and leather gloves. This will keep you warm and you will look glam.



When it comes to Versace, you have to really understand what they are trying to show in their outfits.
Providing very feminine clothing as well as bright and cheerful color tones, Versace is highly recognizable as one of the favorite and often-worn fashion brand by women of all ages.
The upcoming season too, Versace tries to add a bit of brightness to women's wardrobe. There are, however, deep and dark tones, cross-like print on tops and knee length shoes. Knee length dresses and skirts, dark and bright colours, various prints and cuts. All of that this fall with Versace.

How to Wear It:

I the latest Fall winter Versace collection is your thing, try either a black or yellow dress, leather knee-length boots and a cross necklace. Wear heavy make-up and a nude lipstick.
If you own a cross-print dress or skirt, or anything else, don't be shy- go ahead and try it out!
Even though you may look dark and deep, don't forget to show some skin (e.g knees and shoulders) to still keep the balance between heavy and sexy.



Gucci is a well-known fashion label. Many women adore their fabric and pattern choice. And no wonder. I myself love the latest fall-winter 2012/13 collection by Gucci.
"If you love a dark and deep style, why not go all the way"- this is what I think Gucci had in mind. Beautifully designed outfits. Silk, peep-toe shoes, leather knee-length boots, daring long dresses with amazing floral attachments. A bit goth but floral prints were also khown on some trousers and dresses.

How To Wear It:

To be a Gucci Girl, grab a pair of over-sized silk trousers along with a black floral top. Wear a daring dark red lipstick and knee-length leather boots. Remember, try to look deep yet with a class. And that's what Gucci is trying to show in his latest collection 2012/13

So ladies, how do you like it? Love it or hate it? Comment to share your opinion!


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