March 21, 2012

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Beyonce's Look - 2 months after giving birth

Pregnancy sure is giving all the positives to Beyonce. Just 8 weeks after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, the celebrity shines with happiness and joy. The pictures clearly show she is doing just fine and so is little Blue Ivy Carter. 

Not only does Beyonce look happier than ever, just look at her amazing curves! I got to be honest, most women have huge problems with losing weight, I think we all know how hard it is to lose just a few pounds. But one thing's for sure, Beyonce worked very hard to get her body back in shape and it shows. 

Not many celebrities dare to wear a tight dress right after few weeks after giving birth. However, the star turned out to look quite amazing in a skin tight dress from Victoria Beckham . Elegant, neat and up to the highest standards.

Once I watched Victoria's runway show for her latest Spring/Summer collection, I found it to be very interesting, feminine and classy. All of the clothing is something Victoria herself would wear, and so she does. A mother of four really knows how to make an impressive reputation.

I guess Beyonce really loves the mature, elegant and feminine style. And it suits her!

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