January 29, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 JLo in  a Harve Leger Dress

 Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Tonight Show with Java Leno in a stunning new dress from Harve Leger's latest collection. 

The singer also known as the juror in     "The American Idol" has been invited to the show to discuss about the new edition of the American Idol and what are the plans for it. But while she talked, she  looked absolutely amazing. The beige color highlighted her gorgeous tan and gave a fresh- looking appearance. The dress itself is made with a shiny thread in the front to give a more spark to the dress. Love it!!


Golden Globes 2011

What an event that was!! The Golden Globes 2011 was such an amazing party. Beautiful celebrities appeared in beautiful dresses, everyone looked so dashing! All women looked amazing. There was Mila Kunis in Vera Wang, Olivia Wilde in Marchesa, or Anne Hathaway in a dress made by Armani. Each more stunning than the other. 

 And then there is Angelina Jolie.  Sometimes I think, how will the red carpet look like without Angelina Jolie? Probably less exciting... Anyway, the actress has made quite an amazement as she appeared on the red carpet, wearing a full-length gown by Versace. Fully covered, the celebrity shocked each viewer how beautiful she still is. And believe it or not, she still has it and you know it!!

January 19, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Mix and match with Olivia Palermo

Famous celebrity Olivia Palermo always has a breathtaking image. Whether she is off to a restaurant, or posing on the red carpet, the star always has a dozen of paparazzi chasing her. The image below shows you how easy it is to dress up like Olivia Palermo. And who knows, maybe you'll be the next hunt for the paparazzi??

Items from the right side of the photo:
Brown cardigan with fur- TopShop, Black lace Top,- KappAhl, black leather clutch-TopShop, ankle boots-Zara, jewellery-H&M, bow skirt-Mango

 Celebrities Spotted!!

 Guess which celebrities were recently spotted on a typical sunny day- Kate Moss and Emma Roberts!
Check out their casual looks behind the red carpet. Enjoy!

Emma Roberts
Kate Moss

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January 13, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Lady GaGa a Director of Polaroid??

It's been really clear that Lady GaGa has been working for Polaroid for over a year now, in order to save the Company from bankruptcy. The Polaroid has had major financial problems, so they asked one of the most influencing people of 2010 to become their Creative director.

Only recently has the Celebrity shown her creations to the world. The two most famous items created by Lady GaGa and Polaroid experts are:
GL10 Instant Mobile Printer. The said gizmo connects to phones via Bluetooth, allowing for on-the-go prints
GL20 which are image-capturing sunglasses and a camera 1.5-inch OLED screens that can capture and display images and video.

Well, there you have it. Let's just hope Lady Gaga's fame will pull the almost dead Company  out of their misery!!

Marchesa Spring/Summer 2011

Of all the Bridal Fashion Designers, Marchesa has been the most influencing designer. Not only female celebrities in America are inspired by Marchesa's great work the interest has also gone wider and wider all around the world! And no wonder. Who can resist these amazing gowns.... not BaniCeleb! 
BaniCeleb has chosen one of the most amazing Bridal gowns, each one more perfect than the other. All those white dresses will make you feel so warm inside, trust me!!

Marchesa Spring/Summer 201is a collection inspired by elegance and is slightly asian and vintage  influenced The latest 2011 bridal collection focuses on ruffles, feathers and loads of textured fabrics. Each as white as the other!

Marchesa Spring/Summer 2011
The collection itself features mostly long gowns, as most women prefer longer ones, they look more elegant and unique, but there is, in fact, a slight selection of shorter wedding dresses. You can have a look at them on Marchesa's website

January 12, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Lindsay Lohan Spotted

 Is it just me or is Lindsay glowing?? I love the way she looks on the photo. Her hair so shiny  long, I love the way they fall down on the shoulders.... and her look is so youthful....

O yes, Lindsay's look. Those black boots go absolutely fine with the leather handbag. The top slightly brightens up the look and makes it more "hip" and youthful. I believe Lindsay did not spend too much time thinking about what to wear that day, but it certainly is a look to be talking about!!

Alexa's Inspired Look

When it comes to looking completely unique, Alexa's name come into talk. This beautiful lady has got it all and much more. For the teen awards, miss Chung went for a beautiful beige skirt and plain white shirt and..... a pair of sandals. 

 I love how Alexa experimented with both elegant and casual items. The result is absolutely outstanding. Love the style, the look and the Alexa:)

January 6, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Mary-Kate being herself

 We all know that the Olsen twins has a very "different" taste of fashion. Instead, like most young women, go for colorful miniskirts, tops and pets in their designer bags, the Olsens like to go for darker, heavier outfits. Furs, black leather bags, Gothic skirts and oversized sweaters are more like it.
But that's their style. And I love it!!  Especially recently, one of the twins, Mary Kate was spotted wearing, of course, her favourite dark and expensive fur and a gorgeous umbrella by Cancan. Not only does the star look great in her Gothic outfit, but the umbrella makes her look even more amazing!! Love the accessory and what's even more fun, is that the umbrella comes in different colors! take a look on the photo!


Kim Kardashian spotted!!

Just recently the popular celebrity star was seen wondering around the Los Angeles airport. Kim, famously known for her exotic dresses and sexy outfits made quiet a shock to the photographers. In a good way. the star decided to wear something more comfortable. A pair of black leggings, along with leather boots, a gray silky top and a cozy scarf did the trick. And let's not forget the big sunglasses to cover up the make-up free eyes. The star looks absolutely great. And she picked a great outfit, too. Great for going out and feeling great!!

January 4, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Winter Kate Spring 2011 Collection

Winter Kate is slowly becoming very popular around the world. Not only because it is a clothing line created by Nicole Richie, the line itself gains a lot of interest.

 For the Spring 2011, Winter Kate has introduced lovely outfits. Finally we can all jump from furry coats and scarfs, into something much more lighter, like floral dresses, sleeveless tops and colorful skirts.

It's time to welcome spring and forget the winter!! Below you will find a few photos of Winter Kate's spring collection 2011. Enjoy!


 On the Go with Paris

 Paris Hilton was lately spotted shopping downtown. It's quite unusual not seeing Miss Hilton in a pink dress and pink bows on her head. Instead, she decided to go for a witch-like hat, along with a skull-printed top, black trousers, a heavy fur cardigan and a black leather bag. quite an amazing change.

I honestly prefer her in pink. What are your thought on Paris's latest look??


 Fergie Spotted !

Stacy Ferguson, commonly known as Fergie, has been seen lately in a  very stylish outfit. This Fergalicious singer wore a black top, along with turquoise leggings and perfectly matched peep toe shoes. Love it!!

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