December 17, 2011

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Our Wedding Collection!!

OK Girls, for all those interested in the wedding dresses I have something special organized for you. The Wedding collection! Yes, that's right. I just love weddings, plus my older sister is getting married! So there you have the two main reasons why I am looking forward for any wedding event:)
Take a look at Vera Wang's collection. Truly beautiful, breathtaking and ... well, you decide.

I call this one the girly and cutre dress. I love the cut. Designed for the person who wishes to be the Ball Girl. I remember one of my Barbies had a similar dress. The lace on the shoulders make it extra feminine. There is no chance in the world that you won't get notice in this! 

Strapless wedding dresses have become very popular over the years. Under dozens of material the Bride can still show some skin and look stunning. The type of dress suits women with petite shoulders. I love the bow around the model's hips!

And finally, our third picture. Wedding dress not so similar to the two above dresses. The colour definitively changes the whole look. A warm shade of grey make any person say : "is she the bride?" . Definitively the color is for brides who look for fashion and that "something" instead of just jumping into white. It's 2011! Soon we will see more colors on the wedding dresses than we can imagine...

So how did you like them? These were my 3 favorite wedding dress which I would catch my eye on. I love them- what is your opinion?? Comment!

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