December 27, 2011

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X-Factor's Biggest Star- Pepsi!

Hey Ladies and Gents, time to talk about the latest X-factor stars! However, I want to skip the celebrities and talk about the real star of the night... the  Pepsi handbag!
I must say...Wow! I don't know if you have the same reaction as I do, but I absolutely love Paula Abdul's handbag!  A crystal can-like handbag with a gold chain attached has definitely attracted more than one pair of eyes, I would say.

There is no doubt in weather Paula got some bucks from the Pepsi company in order to show up carrying a sparkly can-handbag with a huge Pepsi logo on the side. never mind that. I myself love it!
For the X-Factor show, Paula really brightened up her look with the bag. She wore a stripy suit, which would look really pale and boring without a proper accessory. So, Paula decided to go all the way and accessorize herself with a sparkly Pepsi handbag. Her look suddenly turned from boring to hip and chic!

Just one question bothers me.. how do you open a handbag, which looks just the same as an ordinary can? Do you open it just like a can? I haven't seen any zipper on it. I'll find out soon I guess.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the post! Thanks and see you next time!

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