December 11, 2011

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 Find the Difference: Carey Mulligan's photo!

I found out just recently, that the young British actress had quite a busy year..  The same picture of the stunning Carey has been used as a cover to three famous fashion magazines, Vogue, Glamour and Elle.
"Recycling Magazine Cover" - that is how I would describe this horrible mistake. Check out why!

Carey Mulligan wear a Chanel dress. The first photo has been taken last year in October for the Vogue Magazine.


Two months later, the photo also ended up on a German edition of  "Glamour". The photo is the same, it has slight edited features.


And now, for Elle's magazine cover for November, the actress once again showed up wearing the same dress. It's no coincidence that Carey wore the same dress for a photoshoot. The magazine just copied the photo. It's is amazing how such a big Company never bothered to renew Carey's look.

Even though the three pictures appear the same, they were actually edited. If you look closely, you may find slight differences in each one of those covers. The last picture shows Carey wearing a very natural lipstick, whereas on the two above covers - well, she you can't say it's her natual lip colour.
But it's not about the colours nor the shades. It's about the mistake caused by "ignorance" (maybe). The three magazines should and are promoting the latest fashion trends. The cover is very important as well as the inside stories. And Carey posing again for the cover wearing the same dress she wore last year is just... above and behind.

What do you guys think? Was it OK for Carey to be on the November 2011 Fashion Cover, wearing "not" the latest fashion trend? Comment if you wish to be heard!


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