November 27, 2011

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Steven Alan Resort 2012

Not many of us yet know much about Steven Alan (his name only occured to my mind recently). So, as I am so curious I began to research. I wanted to find something more about him. 
However I cam across his 2012 Resort Collection. I need no more research. It was amazing. Pure elegant, cute and simple at the same time. I want to show you some amazing pics I gathered.

Simple, Casual and girly is how I would say about this collection. Steven Alan surely has an eye to simplicity.
I love the idea with the straw hat being the main accessory. The colours in the collection are again - simple and neutral.

Simple sandals, no high heels attached or anything. Those babies stay in fashion forever! I remember I had a pair of these years ago, and now ( years later) I write about them! I love polka dots, and Steven Alan combined a Polka T-shirt with a ruffled cream or navy skirt. 

Of all the lady Gaga's and Katy Perry's outfits I've seen so far, it's nice to see a change of simplicity into the world. I love the idea and would definitely recommend Steven Alan's amazing Resort 2012 collection. Of course, these types of skirts and Polka dots may be found at almost stores. I myself had a cheaper way of getting this style- Thank you H&M !!

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