November 12, 2011

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Versace Ready for Summer!

Versace Sping/ Summer ready-to-wear collection for 2012 finally revealed! Take a moment of your time and gaze into this amazing collection, which Donatella has presented!

The whole runway show room was bright and delightful to look at. Warm tones and music really created this summery atmosphere. The catwalk was lightened up. And then, the Goddesses showed up. Each model more beautiful from the other. And the first thing a person would notice is... seashell print!

Yes, Donatella created some magnificent looks either with a sea shell print, starfish print or even a mermaid print. Bright outfits, white was definitively dominating. Shorts, blazers, dresses were very visible on the catwalk. And those high heeled sandals! I would die for one of them!  

The models had their hair straightened, a small dash of lip gloss, mascara, and once you know it, they were already on the catwalk. Sea Shell prints, Starfishes and white blazers are definitely my favorite option for summer!

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