September 20, 2011

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Katy Perry for InStyle Magazine!!

This year Katy Perry decided to fully transform herself. Check out how Katy Perry presents herself in  InStyle magazine!

Katy Perry is known for her amazing transformations throughout her whole career. She is a girl that proudly loves to present in different hair colours. Not brown hair, not golden honey... but purple, red or pink!! That's right. She has no fear of looking bad or regrets of making bad decisions. What's done is done and Perry loves every decision she made so far. And so far- she's still on the list of the most popular celebrities that everyone loves to talk about!

However, most of her hair were just wigs, like the blonde wig or the dark red one. And when it comes to wigs, Perry pretty much knows everything about them.
This year however, the star decided to go one step further and dye her natural hair Pink!

I myself love her Transformation. I've heard in many forums that most people criticize her for having pink hair and... dark roots. Her natural hair obviously is growing and it's hard to keep the colour last for long ( Unless you want to dye so much, your hair will fall off, take a look at Lady Gaga).
And what do you think? Does the new hair colour suit Katy? You are more than welcome! to comment and share your thoughts here!

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