July 16, 2011

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Back to the.... Past with Designers!

Are the 80s coming back to us? It looks like many popular and highly reputable Fashion designers have been inspired by the looks that we all probably thought they were long gone. Yet here we go - Puddle hair is back again! Also, the famous above the waist trousers still make a hit in the 21st century.

The Photos come from Giuseppe Zanotti's latest Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection and I think it's just beautiful.
I love the colours- the perfect way to still keep the summery shades yet slowly stepping into the colder season. Step by step, however, there are quite a few amazing bits and pieces in this collection that I absolutely admire. You see the shoes on the right? I LOVE THEM!!

The whole hairstyle alone may be a little too boring, however, combining it with such wonderfully colorful clothes makes it all work just fine.
Giuseppe Zanotti presents bright colors, girly theme, very feminine items and all this combined with the 80's.

The picture above comes from the latest Fall/Winter 2011/12 by Iceberg.
Here, you can also notice a touch of the old days, a sequenced sweater, poodle hairstyle and the doll shoes. Amazing how the most famous Designing companies are able to create such amazing items.  

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