July 30, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Selena's  Autumn Collection!

Selena Gomez has once again inspired us with her Fashion Clothing Line. The girl is so talented, yet so young. Therefore, her clothes are young, fresh, hip and colourful- the perfect style for any young girl!

For the Autumn 2011, the young Designer has a lot to offer for her fans. She herself is co-working with a well-known company called Kmart. She brings a lot of great ideas which are then transformed into clothes. For the upcoming season, Selena presents casual and stylish outfits. Not too "outfitty", simple shirts with leggings, skinny jeans with a pair of high ankle boots is a perfect outfit for any teenage girl. Selena Gomez loves scarves, she herself wears them most of the time-you can also see them in this collection. 

All of the outfits are what Selena herself would wear. Leopard print leggins with a casual purple t-shirt and ankle boots or skinny jeans, floral print scarf, gridded shirt and a winter hat are outfits made and worn by Selena. You can notice that color purple dominates in her collection, however earth tones and pure black shade is also found in her Autumn collection.

The collection is called Dream Out Loud. What it means I think, is that each young girl should be brave wear items that suit their personality. Be creative, fun, and live your life to the full!!
whether you like the collection or not, please do comment!

July 24, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Jen's Transformation

It is amazing how Jennifer transforms herself on every occasion. One day she is a beauty on heels, other day she looks simple and innocent. For some women, it's just not that easy to pick up an item from the store shelf and make it look fab on them. However Jennifer can.  Take a look at Jen's amazing outfits she wore recently.

For the Premiere of "Horrible Bosses", Jennifer Aniston showed up in a stunning leather dress from Celine's collection 2011. 

Jennifer loves tight body-loving outfits, and who wouldn't with a body like hers! However, wearing a leather doesn't mean heavy make-up and leather boots are requested. Jen did just fine without the use of chains and smokey eyes. Instead, she straightened her hair, added a small charm on her arm and wore a pair of very feminine sandals.

It was on the same premiere, where Jennifer transformed herself from leather to lace. This time her look is more feminine and cute. 
It's the perfect cut, the perfect lace, and the perfect colour that make Jennifer look so elegant and beautiful.
The dress comes from Valentino's collection. Like it or hate it??

July 16, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Back to the.... Past with Designers!

Are the 80s coming back to us? It looks like many popular and highly reputable Fashion designers have been inspired by the looks that we all probably thought they were long gone. Yet here we go - Puddle hair is back again! Also, the famous above the waist trousers still make a hit in the 21st century.

The Photos come from Giuseppe Zanotti's latest Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection and I think it's just beautiful.
I love the colours- the perfect way to still keep the summery shades yet slowly stepping into the colder season. Step by step, however, there are quite a few amazing bits and pieces in this collection that I absolutely admire. You see the shoes on the right? I LOVE THEM!!

The whole hairstyle alone may be a little too boring, however, combining it with such wonderfully colorful clothes makes it all work just fine.
Giuseppe Zanotti presents bright colors, girly theme, very feminine items and all this combined with the 80's.

The picture above comes from the latest Fall/Winter 2011/12 by Iceberg.
Here, you can also notice a touch of the old days, a sequenced sweater, poodle hairstyle and the doll shoes. Amazing how the most famous Designing companies are able to create such amazing items.  

July 4, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Zoe For C Magazine!

Yes, it's true. The beautiful actress, Zoe Saldana, has been the chosen face for the latest C Magazine cover, the summer collection 2011. I think she looks absolutely amazing. The older she gets, the more stunning she looks. You don't believe me? Take a look at the photos below!

The actress wore a nice white swimwear from Harve Leger's Spring Summer Collection 2011. Inside the magazine, she talks about accepting her body-sounds kinda narcissistic, yet she says that at age 32 she is getting more compliments than when she was 21. Well, I don't know about that, but she sure does look stunning!