June 29, 2011

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David Koma Autumn/Winter Collection 2011

 OK, Boys and Girls, I need your honest opinion on this. This is about David Koma's autumn/winter collection 2011. For most people the outfits seem to give a positive impression, while for others, including me well, not so positive. Okay, before you judge me, take a look at the photos below.

 I mean, I totally agree that when it comes to Fashion, a designer needs to be creative and highly professional in mixing colours, patterns etc. But mixing a style with another style? That's just a bit too demanding. Not many designers try this but like David here, here went all the way in. He created a total POP-ART look. The outfits seem very punk and hip, but does the whole mix and match really turned out to be something to talk about?

 I love how David Koma says that he is designing clothes for strong and confident women. I love most of his ideas. Just like here, I love the shoes, the polka dots on the skirts and tops, the "face prints" on some of the tops. But do the fluffy pom-poms added to most of the outfits really want to say a HIT or a MISS?

 So, basically I don't know what to think. Has the Designer pushed too far, or should I accept the fact that this is the future Fashion?

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