June 14, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Zac Posen Resort 2012

The latest 2012 collection by Zac Posen really fascinates and proves that he knows how to "wear" women. 

The young Fashion Designer seems to better find himself designing red carpet style. Each of his gowns are suitable to wear on special occasions and posh evenings.  the most stunning dresses I've ever seen, I must say. 
Zac Posen's Resort 2012 brought a huge attention to it. 

The collection mainly focuses on the evening gowns, however, Posen did not forget about the day gowns. You may see many elegant outfits suitable from pencil trousers, pencil skirts and jackets to corsets and elegant shirts. Some of these, when combined together, ideally suit for a business meeting, office work or even a simple going out outfit. 
All of them look really amazing. However, I myself am really inspired by the gowns with build corsets and a ruffled material at the end. Wearing such a dress can make a woman look and feel like a princess!!

Zac Posen's Collection is truly a breath-taking theme. I would definitively take a deeper look at some of the outfits. 


Angelina For Vuitton

One of the most beautiful actresses, Angelina Jolie to be precised, became the new face to the house of Louis Vuitton
the actress will be working with one of the greatest Fashion labels for 1,5 year. Jolie will mainly show her face on ads, magazines with either a LV bag, LV earrings, or anything else by LV. And the first photo ad has been revealed!!

The photo has been taken in Cambodia in the Siem Reap Province.  The photographer was Annie Leibovitz. 
And I guess we all know that Cambodia means a lot to Angelina Jolie. Madox, one of her adopted children is from here.
Angelina Jolie did state some rules to the photo shoot. She insisted on wearing her own clothes and did not want to have too much make up nor some fancy hairstyle. The casual look by Angelina Jolie.


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