June 29, 2011

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David Koma Autumn/Winter Collection 2011

 OK, Boys and Girls, I need your honest opinion on this. This is about David Koma's autumn/winter collection 2011. For most people the outfits seem to give a positive impression, while for others, including me well, not so positive. Okay, before you judge me, take a look at the photos below.

 I mean, I totally agree that when it comes to Fashion, a designer needs to be creative and highly professional in mixing colours, patterns etc. But mixing a style with another style? That's just a bit too demanding. Not many designers try this but like David here, here went all the way in. He created a total POP-ART look. The outfits seem very punk and hip, but does the whole mix and match really turned out to be something to talk about?

 I love how David Koma says that he is designing clothes for strong and confident women. I love most of his ideas. Just like here, I love the shoes, the polka dots on the skirts and tops, the "face prints" on some of the tops. But do the fluffy pom-poms added to most of the outfits really want to say a HIT or a MISS?

 So, basically I don't know what to think. Has the Designer pushed too far, or should I accept the fact that this is the future Fashion?

June 14, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Zac Posen Resort 2012

The latest 2012 collection by Zac Posen really fascinates and proves that he knows how to "wear" women. 

The young Fashion Designer seems to better find himself designing red carpet style. Each of his gowns are suitable to wear on special occasions and posh evenings.  the most stunning dresses I've ever seen, I must say. 
Zac Posen's Resort 2012 brought a huge attention to it. 

The collection mainly focuses on the evening gowns, however, Posen did not forget about the day gowns. You may see many elegant outfits suitable from pencil trousers, pencil skirts and jackets to corsets and elegant shirts. Some of these, when combined together, ideally suit for a business meeting, office work or even a simple going out outfit. 
All of them look really amazing. However, I myself am really inspired by the gowns with build corsets and a ruffled material at the end. Wearing such a dress can make a woman look and feel like a princess!!

Zac Posen's Collection is truly a breath-taking theme. I would definitively take a deeper look at some of the outfits. 


Angelina For Vuitton

One of the most beautiful actresses, Angelina Jolie to be precised, became the new face to the house of Louis Vuitton
the actress will be working with one of the greatest Fashion labels for 1,5 year. Jolie will mainly show her face on ads, magazines with either a LV bag, LV earrings, or anything else by LV. And the first photo ad has been revealed!!

The photo has been taken in Cambodia in the Siem Reap Province.  The photographer was Annie Leibovitz. 
And I guess we all know that Cambodia means a lot to Angelina Jolie. Madox, one of her adopted children is from here.
Angelina Jolie did state some rules to the photo shoot. She insisted on wearing her own clothes and did not want to have too much make up nor some fancy hairstyle. The casual look by Angelina Jolie.


June 6, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Something missing in Scarlett....

It's amazing how this gorgeous actress is managing to change her style every second of the day! I mean one minute she is a sexy diva the other minute she can change herself completely to look innocent and cute.  It's really amazing.
Anyways,  Scarlett Johansson showed up in a fancy one shoulder Valentino dress on the Spike Award TV 2011. The dress was absolutely amazing  on Scarlett, it was black with a nice white ruffled material at the top.

Scarlett had no fancy make up, which couldn't be necessary actually, she had Jimmy Choo shoes and no jewellery.

I think I know where she was going, yet I believe something is missing here... It must be the jewellery or the make up??

June 4, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 White Pants Gone Crazy on Chicks!!!

What is with all those celebrity chicks wearing white trousers?? I'm telling you, everytime I surf on the web  or watch tv, I can see white denim, short white denim, plain white trousers...... Maybe it's just me.
Anyway, Today I am going to show you a couple examples on what to wear with white jeans. Some celebrity were spotted and all of them looked really Fab! Take a look!

Left: Anna Lynne McCord has been spotted wearing by the paparazzi wearing a pair of these white trousers, wide leg as we can see. She decided to go for a white belt, a Miu Miu Bag, a denim top, a pair of grey espadrilles and sunglasses by Ray-Ban Wayfarer. She looks absolutely trendy, she created her own style with these simple items. . Genius!
Middle: Agnieszka Popielewicz. You may not know this chick but she is a famous Polish star. Very pretty too:) I really wanted to show you guys, how she wore skinny denim trousers with a yellow top and a blue belt. Simple, yet classy. this woman really knows how to rock it!
Right: Rihanna of coarse, chose an elegant white suit for the Billboard Music Awards 2011. I do not know the designers, but no matter, because it's Rihanna who looked Fab!

Above you see Blake Lively, who posed for Glamour magazine. She decided to go for skinny jeans with a Polka dot top, red shoes and bangle. 
Hopefully you guys liked all the styles chosen by celebrities!


June 1, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Simple Yet Fab!

Rihanna does certainly love a male style!
The gorgeous star has been spotted on her way to the tatto store. She wore a plain white t-shirt all tucked into baggy pants. 
The whole look was great, simple and elegant. However, Rihanna decided to add a Female touch by wearing a pair of black heels and a golden necklace. Also, she laid her hair down, adding a scent of sexiness!!