May 27, 2011

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Roberto Cavalli F/W 2011/12

Honestly, this is the first time I am so confused and really don't know what to think. Indeed, Roberto Cavalli is known for his eye-shocking view on fashion. It is obvious that the more "outrageous" the collection, the more popular the fashion designer. For example, Alexander McQueen, very well known for his monster shoes (which were also worn by Lady GaGa in one of her music  videos called "Bad Romance"), and many other famous Fashion Designers..
But do you think Roberto Cavalli took this cry for attention a little bit too far?? Take a look at some of the photos below. The looks are from the Fall Winter 2011/12 collection .

As all the models paraded around hte catwalk, most of them looked really shocking. As if the models were starving, they were super skinny, they had greasy hair, a really visible "washed up" make up ( you know, like when a girl goes straight to bed after a night of partying, without washing their face). It looks absolutely unappealing.

Whatever it's called, it should definitively not have anything to do with women. Some of the outfits look trashy, dark and creepy.  I am not saying that the outfits were actually taken from the trash, I'm saying that they look as if they belong in there. The models with greasy and non-brushed hair, pale skin and black eyes perfectly created a homeless atmosphere.  If this if fashion, than I'm Rihanna and I just made out with James Bond lol.

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