May 23, 2011

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LiLo Spotted by FHM

Even though we all know that Lindsay Lohan is famous for her scandalic lifestyle, we still can't deny she's fabulously hot!! The 25-years-old star just recently posed for one of the Russian magazine edition called FHM.  

The star is on the magazine cover wearing a stunning swimming suit in a retro style. Her eyes a made pure black with a smokey finish.
In the magazine she tells aobut her lifestyle, how she loves to be naughty, bad yet sometimes sweet. There are photographs inside where Lindsay wears,well.... she has quite a sexy wardrobe in there.

 After seeing these tqo pictures, would you believe she was accused of stealing a $2,500 Necklace form the Venice Jewellery shio in California (after which she denied that she did it, there is a video of her stealing and paparazzi took photos of her). Would you believe?? :)

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