April 4, 2011

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 Caroline Herrera Spring Summer 2011

There is something about Carolina Herrera that makes me want to write about her. I also want to get married!
but seriously, Carolina's collection really inspires me. I remember I used to think that a bridal dress doesn't really mean much. You only put it once and wear it for few hours. Thousands of Dollars flushed in the drain.

This is something else. Nowadays, the bridal dresses are becoming more and more unique. In Carolina's case,  the dresses make you feel that it is your day and you are queen of the Ball.

I have gathered some of my favourite dresses from Carolina Herrera's latest spring summer collection. The dresses are absolutely amazing. Each one is finely finished. 
Before I saw Carolina's collections, I have never thought that a dress can be characterized in many different ways. How incredibly amazing it is to wear such a dress and knowing that your day is about to be even more amazing.

Who would have thought to combine bright orange sandals to a highly elegant wedding dress?? Or instead of roses, hold a bouquet of  some grenish flowers? I guess Carolina Herrera tokk the wedding style to an entirely new level.

Every style, whether you like a tight long dress with long white gloves or a princess- like gown with strappy orange sandals. Each type of dress can be found in the latest collection by Carolina Herrera. 

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