April 25, 2011

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Back to One with Designers

We've all seen many collections that took an extra edge when it came to colours. Last year was mainly about playing with shades, adding as much colors as possible, yet still staying sane. This spring/summer, however, is much less extravagant. the fashion designers have gone back to simple, unique styles.

Dior was inspired yes, by many wonderful summery colours, however, they tried to present one colour at the time. One model wore one colour. The shoes, the dress, the accessories- all of it. It still looks perfect, without the unnecessary mixture of colours. The collection is bright, highly recommended for summer, of course.

 Another collection also focused on bright, summery shades. In the Cacharel spring/summer '11 collection, the models wore simple, light and "almost too simple" type of outfits. there were shorts, skirts, dresses and shirts. In this collection the models also paraded in one colour. From head to toe, all was needed to be in one colour.

 In the world of fashion, there is always someone that disagrees with the entire way of looking at the season. and by this, I mean Chanel. When we think about summer, we think: flowers, colours, sun, warmth. Most of us think that. However, Chanel's view on summer looks like this: "Grey, dark, more dark, heavy shades, heavy look, more dark". Yup.This is what you get for Spring/summer collection by Chanel.
Anyway, as dark as Chanel's collection is, they still dressed up each model in one colour. Black shoes with black dress, gray skirt with jacket.... you get the idea.

 As much as I like mixing and experimenting with colours, I think it's nice to sometimes wear something that I didn't put too much effort in. :) You?

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