April 17, 2011

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Chritsopher Kane Fall/Winter 2011/12

For the upcoming season, Christopher Kane has prepared his great collection revealing his extraordinary ideas on how should women dress for fall/winter.

 If you check the photos first, your first thought may have been "classic with a touch of glitter". That's what  have thought. Most of hist outfits are like that.  Christopher Kane wants to prepare both type of women: Women who want to show their body, and women who think that showing breast in public is not their style. I agree, and I think I speak for most women. However, Christopher Kane's collection shows that it is "OK" to be brave....

What makes the collection so unique? Is it the model's breast that makes up the collection or what?
My first thought was- exactly. Does the famous fashion designer decided to show the models nipples just to risen up the sales?Should everybody stare at those pointy nipples just so we don't look at the items? Where is he going with this and how should I react. 
However, after hours (well, maybe not hours, more like minutes) I figured it all out. It's not about the nipples, it's not about the dress. It's about the Woman.

Woman is in the dress. She decides whether to wear it, not the dress. and this is how the collection was created. The F.designer tries to show this to the world. He added glitter, glam, ruffles and sequins- everything most women love. He knows that black colour is the colour women love to wear, as it slims down the body( we all love to have a slim body!). Pencil dresses, glittered pockets- all you can think of is here!
It's all about you, baby so why not show it to the world!!- And this is probably why they're showing nipples:)

I think it's a really nice collection. I don't think that transparent dress will give you a bad reputation (a wh.re etc). As long as the dress looks really elegant, and expensive and if the woman is confident, that's all that matters!

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