April 14, 2011

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GaGa for Bazaar- Incredible Photos

While surfing around the web, I accidentally spotted a few unique, and for some people very disturbing photos of Lady GaGa. I know, this Lady ever since she entered the show biz, she has done so many weird and even disgusting things. Like.... she wore that dress made of meat. Or she wears these gigantic shoes, with barely no ability to walk in them.

These photos are slightly different. Instead of meat, she wears either an elegant suit, or a black long gown. Her hair has been changed from blond to more of a salmon colour.

Take a look for more!

Photo on the left shows "Lady GaGa's School of Pop". She is the teacher- a diva, and beside her are young students. Lady GaGa wears a dress by Dior Haute Couture, specially designed for her. The mask and gloves are made by Thierry Mugler (vintage).

The photo on the right, however, is more controversial. Lady GaGa sits on a bed, drinks tea and eats so much cupcakes that the whole bed is filled with them.Not to mention her 5-boob jacket, designed especially for the star by Francesco Scognamiglio

 The photo on the left shows GaGa in a more elegant side. Elegant suit, great hair . She really looks like an office business. But we're talking GaGa here, so there must be something odd here. Oh! The shoes! Yes, everything was so "normal about Lady GaGa, but the shoes tell a different story. High leather heels give the photo a little "GaGa style". The come from the latest collection by Thierry Mugler.

And the last photo shows the singer crawling on a piano.She wears nothing but a gorgeous bra from the latest collection by Kiki de Montaparnasse,  ankle heels by Alexander McQueen's collection, and panties. Panties are hers:)
You can actually notice that the singer is a walking advertisement!!  Many Fashion Designers would love to get their hands on her, just so that she can parade in their clothes.

So, how did you like these photos? Like them or hate them, your choice. Let us here about it!!

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