April 11, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Great Job, Ladies!!

I couldn't help but notice, that three gorgeous celebrities were chosen to pose on the cover of the new April 2011 Rolling Stones magazine. Rihanna and Blake Lively with Leighton Meester were the lucky ones.

The three of them look absolutely sexy. Rihanna with her amazing hair volume, and ripped shorts really shows what a bad girl she is :D . On the right side, wow, there is Blake Lively, and Leighton Meester... licking the same Ice Cream.

Erotic as hell that may look, but which, in your opinion deserves more applause, hm?? I've heard a lot of answers, but I still can't decide, as I'm stuck in between;)

Nice Shoes, Gisele!
If you ever wondered why ids Gisele Bundchen parading around the city in flip flops, if is because of her new job! Gisele Bundchen accepted a job offer at one of the Shoe companies, and now she is giving sexy poses and getting paid for that!! But seriously, the Lady joined a company called Ipanema.  The Company provides flip flops, or as they call it "sand shoes" .

The company gained a lot of interest, due to collaborating with the hot celebrity. Not only does Gisele look great, but the sand shoes really suit her!!Below you will find photos of Gisele. There are many colour varieties to choose from.

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