April 9, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Paris Loves Her Shoes!

While watching " TheCribs " on MTV, Paris was one of the celebrities was was kind enough to show us her house inside and out.
And when she showed her closet I was like: LOL!! She has so many shoes, she must really like collecting them. I knew that someday the gorgeous blond star will reveal her huge interest in Shoes.

And there you have it a few years later, Paris Hilton is posing in front of dozens of Paparazzis with a shoe in her hand. Now, that's Hot!

Many of her fans gathered to get an autograph on the sole of the shoe. That's pretty unique:)

There she is again. You can clearly see, Paris loves high heeled shoes. In her latest collection you will be able to find a different variety of heels. From animal printed soles and sexy red pumps, to pink peep-toes with bows attached on the side. Anything that Paris thinks "is Hot" is in her collection!!

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