April 7, 2011

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 Alexander McQueen's Sandals- Like or Hate?

 We all know Alexander McQueen's company has a very unique style. A dash of Goth, Elegance and looks from the Renaissance time. All this combined together to form one of the greatest collections in today's world. I have chosen to show you one on the sandals from the latest collection. Gold-brown wedges. Really unique and beautiful.

You can truly wear them with a tight black dress, or even a slightly ruffled at the end. I wouldn't wear too much accessories, just a pair of gold earrings, and maybe a tiny little chain around  my neck. 
The sandals are way too glamorous to add more accessories. Everybody knows that a woman who wears anything from McQueen's collection, wants to show off!! Any other addition of jewellery could distract the viewer.Yes, what would be the other reason to wear heavy looking sandals. 

I think they are a great choice when going out for a Nobel Prize, see a catwalk show, or maybe celebrate New Year's Eve. Bad choice to go to the pub for a drink. Or a Club. Or the Beach. Or shopping. Or anything else..... Do you have any ideas on where can those shoes be worn?? Click HERE  to comment!


  1. Maybe prom, or something like this ? Should be good for a promqueen I guess :)

  2. Yeah, I guess your right,:) Great! :)