April 2, 2011

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Now that's Extravagant!! 

 Now, we all know that in order to be a Star, you need to be totally different from everybody else. You need to show the world why you deserve the time on the stage. Nowadays, a pretty face just isn't enough, you got to work much harder to be noticed. Like Nicky Minaj, below. she only started her showbiz career recently, (2009), yet she is incredibly noticed and mentioned in many places already.

 This clever lady knows exactly how to shock the paparazzi. The reason would, of course, be her physical appearance. Stepping out in so many amazing wigs is just clever. One day she's a pink haired diva, the other a black widow. Her make up stays the same, only hair changes every time.

This is a very similar version to Lady GaGa's style. By trying to get into the top list of most mentioned celebrities, both ladies will do all they can just for "Fame",  as Lady GaGa sang. Even if it means putting on a MEAT DRESS!! 

I truly admire Nicky for her inspiration to such crazy wigs. she may be a small copy of Lady G, but she sure puts a lot of work into it!!You go Girl!!!

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