April 30, 2011

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Fabulous Royal Wedding !!!

Finally, the gorgeous prince William and Kate Middleton got married!! The wedding was absolutely done to perfection. Over a billion of people watched the big ceremony- including me!

What's more beautiful is Kate's wedding dress. designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, the dress itself was amazing.

Kate didn't want much make-up. She revealed that she wanted William to recognize her. Her hair was also simple. slightly curly at the end. She also wore a Tiara by Cartier.

What do you think about the stunning beauty and her gorgeous wedding dress?

April 26, 2011

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Jennifer likes it the Cheap way!

Who knew that a multimillion celebrity would decide on wearing something less expensive and still look pretty. I don't know whether she did it for the fans, or for herself, but Jennifer Lopez chose slightly cheaper Fashion companies to go out and meet her fans and celebrate her new music album called "LOVE".

For this event Jennifer wore a short top by Christian Cot, a nicely shaped jacket from TopShop and black trousers by Tibi. We all know TopShop has nice prices and the quality of the clothes is also good. The same goes to Christian Cot and Tibi.

In order for JLo to stay "JLo" , she decided to wear Jimmy Choo pumps. And yes, Jimmy Choo is slightly more expensive than TopShop. But still, the point stands, Jennifer Loez looks amazing without spending the extra hundreds of dollars.

April 25, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Back to One with Designers

We've all seen many collections that took an extra edge when it came to colours. Last year was mainly about playing with shades, adding as much colors as possible, yet still staying sane. This spring/summer, however, is much less extravagant. the fashion designers have gone back to simple, unique styles.

Dior was inspired yes, by many wonderful summery colours, however, they tried to present one colour at the time. One model wore one colour. The shoes, the dress, the accessories- all of it. It still looks perfect, without the unnecessary mixture of colours. The collection is bright, highly recommended for summer, of course.

 Another collection also focused on bright, summery shades. In the Cacharel spring/summer '11 collection, the models wore simple, light and "almost too simple" type of outfits. there were shorts, skirts, dresses and shirts. In this collection the models also paraded in one colour. From head to toe, all was needed to be in one colour.

 In the world of fashion, there is always someone that disagrees with the entire way of looking at the season. and by this, I mean Chanel. When we think about summer, we think: flowers, colours, sun, warmth. Most of us think that. However, Chanel's view on summer looks like this: "Grey, dark, more dark, heavy shades, heavy look, more dark". Yup.This is what you get for Spring/summer collection by Chanel.
Anyway, as dark as Chanel's collection is, they still dressed up each model in one colour. Black shoes with black dress, gray skirt with jacket.... you get the idea.

 As much as I like mixing and experimenting with colours, I think it's nice to sometimes wear something that I didn't put too much effort in. :) You?

April 20, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Scarlett for Dolce & Gabbana

 Scarlett Johansson once again inspired the Dolce & Gabbana company with her feminine look. She was chosen to promote the company's make-up collection for spring/summer.

When it comes to Dolce and Gabanna, the company really inspires Feminine looks. They think a real woman should be beautiful, confident, yet classy and innocent. And that is how Scarlett is portrayed. She has been chosen to work for the company many times. Below you can see a photo of Scarlett's previous sessions for the same company.

First Woody Allen was inspired by the star and now one of the greatest Fashion Designer companies is losing their head over Scarlett. I'm telling you, this girl has some amazing power we don't know about;)

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April 17, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Chritsopher Kane Fall/Winter 2011/12

For the upcoming season, Christopher Kane has prepared his great collection revealing his extraordinary ideas on how should women dress for fall/winter.

 If you check the photos first, your first thought may have been "classic with a touch of glitter". That's what  have thought. Most of hist outfits are like that.  Christopher Kane wants to prepare both type of women: Women who want to show their body, and women who think that showing breast in public is not their style. I agree, and I think I speak for most women. However, Christopher Kane's collection shows that it is "OK" to be brave....

What makes the collection so unique? Is it the model's breast that makes up the collection or what?
My first thought was- exactly. Does the famous fashion designer decided to show the models nipples just to risen up the sales?Should everybody stare at those pointy nipples just so we don't look at the items? Where is he going with this and how should I react. 
However, after hours (well, maybe not hours, more like minutes) I figured it all out. It's not about the nipples, it's not about the dress. It's about the Woman.

Woman is in the dress. She decides whether to wear it, not the dress. and this is how the collection was created. The F.designer tries to show this to the world. He added glitter, glam, ruffles and sequins- everything most women love. He knows that black colour is the colour women love to wear, as it slims down the body( we all love to have a slim body!). Pencil dresses, glittered pockets- all you can think of is here!
It's all about you, baby so why not show it to the world!!- And this is probably why they're showing nipples:)

I think it's a really nice collection. I don't think that transparent dress will give you a bad reputation (a wh.re etc). As long as the dress looks really elegant, and expensive and if the woman is confident, that's all that matters!

April 14, 2011

Latest Fashion News

GaGa for Bazaar- Incredible Photos

While surfing around the web, I accidentally spotted a few unique, and for some people very disturbing photos of Lady GaGa. I know, this Lady ever since she entered the show biz, she has done so many weird and even disgusting things. Like.... she wore that dress made of meat. Or she wears these gigantic shoes, with barely no ability to walk in them.

These photos are slightly different. Instead of meat, she wears either an elegant suit, or a black long gown. Her hair has been changed from blond to more of a salmon colour.

Take a look for more!

Photo on the left shows "Lady GaGa's School of Pop". She is the teacher- a diva, and beside her are young students. Lady GaGa wears a dress by Dior Haute Couture, specially designed for her. The mask and gloves are made by Thierry Mugler (vintage).

The photo on the right, however, is more controversial. Lady GaGa sits on a bed, drinks tea and eats so much cupcakes that the whole bed is filled with them.Not to mention her 5-boob jacket, designed especially for the star by Francesco Scognamiglio

 The photo on the left shows GaGa in a more elegant side. Elegant suit, great hair . She really looks like an office business. But we're talking GaGa here, so there must be something odd here. Oh! The shoes! Yes, everything was so "normal about Lady GaGa, but the shoes tell a different story. High leather heels give the photo a little "GaGa style". The come from the latest collection by Thierry Mugler.

And the last photo shows the singer crawling on a piano.She wears nothing but a gorgeous bra from the latest collection by Kiki de Montaparnasse,  ankle heels by Alexander McQueen's collection, and panties. Panties are hers:)
You can actually notice that the singer is a walking advertisement!!  Many Fashion Designers would love to get their hands on her, just so that she can parade in their clothes.

So, how did you like these photos? Like them or hate them, your choice. Let us here about it!!

April 12, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Same Dress!!

What a luck! Not often do you see celebrities wearing the same dress, but now we got the chance!
Just recently, Lauren Scott, and Jennifer Lawrence glammed in a glittery over the knee, from L'Wren Scott's spring/ summer collection 2011.

 The reason why celebrities try to avoid wearing the same dress, is because they don't want to be recognized by the outfit they chose. And most importantly, if both celebrities decide to wear the same outfit, someone will end up looking less attractive. That's the deal on the table. Either you win, or lose.

Both women look absolutely fabulous in those dresses. However, the dress maybe is a little too mature for Jennifer, as it slightly makes her look older, but if that's what makes her happy, then I'm happy:)
I'd like to hear your opinion on this! Comment and check what other people said!

April 11, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Great Job, Ladies!!

I couldn't help but notice, that three gorgeous celebrities were chosen to pose on the cover of the new April 2011 Rolling Stones magazine. Rihanna and Blake Lively with Leighton Meester were the lucky ones.

The three of them look absolutely sexy. Rihanna with her amazing hair volume, and ripped shorts really shows what a bad girl she is :D . On the right side, wow, there is Blake Lively, and Leighton Meester... licking the same Ice Cream.

Erotic as hell that may look, but which, in your opinion deserves more applause, hm?? I've heard a lot of answers, but I still can't decide, as I'm stuck in between;)

Nice Shoes, Gisele!
If you ever wondered why ids Gisele Bundchen parading around the city in flip flops, if is because of her new job! Gisele Bundchen accepted a job offer at one of the Shoe companies, and now she is giving sexy poses and getting paid for that!! But seriously, the Lady joined a company called Ipanema.  The Company provides flip flops, or as they call it "sand shoes" .

The company gained a lot of interest, due to collaborating with the hot celebrity. Not only does Gisele look great, but the sand shoes really suit her!!Below you will find photos of Gisele. There are many colour varieties to choose from.

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April 9, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Paris Loves Her Shoes!

While watching " TheCribs " on MTV, Paris was one of the celebrities was was kind enough to show us her house inside and out.
And when she showed her closet I was like: LOL!! She has so many shoes, she must really like collecting them. I knew that someday the gorgeous blond star will reveal her huge interest in Shoes.

And there you have it a few years later, Paris Hilton is posing in front of dozens of Paparazzis with a shoe in her hand. Now, that's Hot!

Many of her fans gathered to get an autograph on the sole of the shoe. That's pretty unique:)

There she is again. You can clearly see, Paris loves high heeled shoes. In her latest collection you will be able to find a different variety of heels. From animal printed soles and sexy red pumps, to pink peep-toes with bows attached on the side. Anything that Paris thinks "is Hot" is in her collection!!

April 7, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Alexander McQueen's Sandals- Like or Hate?

 We all know Alexander McQueen's company has a very unique style. A dash of Goth, Elegance and looks from the Renaissance time. All this combined together to form one of the greatest collections in today's world. I have chosen to show you one on the sandals from the latest collection. Gold-brown wedges. Really unique and beautiful.

You can truly wear them with a tight black dress, or even a slightly ruffled at the end. I wouldn't wear too much accessories, just a pair of gold earrings, and maybe a tiny little chain around  my neck. 
The sandals are way too glamorous to add more accessories. Everybody knows that a woman who wears anything from McQueen's collection, wants to show off!! Any other addition of jewellery could distract the viewer.Yes, what would be the other reason to wear heavy looking sandals. 

I think they are a great choice when going out for a Nobel Prize, see a catwalk show, or maybe celebrate New Year's Eve. Bad choice to go to the pub for a drink. Or a Club. Or the Beach. Or shopping. Or anything else..... Do you have any ideas on where can those shoes be worn?? Click HERE  to comment!

April 5, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Keira Knightley Spotted!

The young actress has been recently spotted at the Jameson Empire Awards 2011  to receive her award called "Empire Hero" award, which means a special award.

 The star looked absolutely stunning at the ceremony, wearing a fully sequined dress. The sequins were shaped like flowers, so Keira looked really cute and "girly".

The dress comes from the Fall 2011 collection by Rodarte.
The star added a pair oh black heels, which I think turned out to be a great match to the dress.
Keira's style is very unique. She likes to wear innocent, girly outfits with a low decolletage. Knee length dresses and not too tight trousers is what Keira's into right now.

I love her style, I think she really looks grear! If you think so too, why not comment HERE with other people!

April 4, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Caroline Herrera Spring Summer 2011

There is something about Carolina Herrera that makes me want to write about her. I also want to get married!
but seriously, Carolina's collection really inspires me. I remember I used to think that a bridal dress doesn't really mean much. You only put it once and wear it for few hours. Thousands of Dollars flushed in the drain.

This is something else. Nowadays, the bridal dresses are becoming more and more unique. In Carolina's case,  the dresses make you feel that it is your day and you are queen of the Ball.

I have gathered some of my favourite dresses from Carolina Herrera's latest spring summer collection. The dresses are absolutely amazing. Each one is finely finished. 
Before I saw Carolina's collections, I have never thought that a dress can be characterized in many different ways. How incredibly amazing it is to wear such a dress and knowing that your day is about to be even more amazing.

Who would have thought to combine bright orange sandals to a highly elegant wedding dress?? Or instead of roses, hold a bouquet of  some grenish flowers? I guess Carolina Herrera tokk the wedding style to an entirely new level.

Every style, whether you like a tight long dress with long white gloves or a princess- like gown with strappy orange sandals. Each type of dress can be found in the latest collection by Carolina Herrera. 

Latest Fashion News

 Jennifer working with TOUS

I might have mentioned earlier that Jennifer Lopez has been working with a very well known jewelry and accessory company called Tous. 
 So far, the company has over 360 shops worldwide and decided to work with JLo to gain even more interest in her fans.

 Today I have a few photos to show you. Jennifer is wearing the latest collection by Tous. The advertisement turned out to be a huge success, and with such an attractive celebrity like Jennifer Lopez, there were no doubts  the ad will fail.

 I think Jennifer Lopez was the perfect model to pose for Tous. Not only is she loved by millions of people, but many respect her ideas and decisions, and we all know that when it comes to jewelry, Miss Lopez knows what's best!!

 What is your opinion on the photos? click HERE to comment!

April 2, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Now that's Extravagant!! 

 Now, we all know that in order to be a Star, you need to be totally different from everybody else. You need to show the world why you deserve the time on the stage. Nowadays, a pretty face just isn't enough, you got to work much harder to be noticed. Like Nicky Minaj, below. she only started her showbiz career recently, (2009), yet she is incredibly noticed and mentioned in many places already.

 This clever lady knows exactly how to shock the paparazzi. The reason would, of course, be her physical appearance. Stepping out in so many amazing wigs is just clever. One day she's a pink haired diva, the other a black widow. Her make up stays the same, only hair changes every time.

This is a very similar version to Lady GaGa's style. By trying to get into the top list of most mentioned celebrities, both ladies will do all they can just for "Fame",  as Lady GaGa sang. Even if it means putting on a MEAT DRESS!! 

I truly admire Nicky for her inspiration to such crazy wigs. she may be a small copy of Lady G, but she sure puts a lot of work into it!!You go Girl!!!

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