March 31, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Look Like you give a Damn!

Yes, there is actually a party called, "Look like You give a Damn" in west Hollywood and Fergie was one of the celebrities that joined the party.  

I love how she dressed up as if she actually gave a damn about what people would think of her.

 A cotton t-shirt from Balmain's spring summer collection. It has many cool stuff on it like safety pins and huge holes which made the top look very unique.

 The fergalicious girl also chose a leather jacket (also Balmain) and stripy skinny troursers, all matched up with a pair of black heels.However, she singer decided to go for an orange bag, with really finishes up the look. Who could have thought that stripy pants, leather jacket, ripped top and an orange bag would make such an impression!!
Without a splash of any bright colours, the look would just stay boring, and I'm sorry but without shocking looks, nobody enters our posts:) Even you Fergie LOL:)


 Ladies, Ladies, Ladies:)

 A new premiere of  "Soul Surfer" occured in Hollywood just yesterday. Many actresses gathered together for the lovely event, most of all Carrie Underwood, Helen Hunt and Hilary Duff

Each one of them look so fab, I decided to show you all. Hilary (left) with her stripy skirt, Carrie and her flower on the side and Helen with her amazingly shiny dress. But which do you think deserves the title for Best dressed?? Comment to vote!

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