March 30, 2011

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 Versace Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection

I don't know if there is a single woman on Earth that wouldn't like Versace. Really!! What woman doesn't want to look beautiful and gorgeous without spending the whole day preparing. This is actually how Versace works. The company designs so beautiful outfits so that no make-up or heavy jewellery would be necessary.
 Take a look at all of the models below. Each one looks as fabulous as the other, yet neither has her hair bouncing off the shoulders, they are simply tied back.They wear no bracelets nor lip gloss.

 Donattella's design are meant to work this way. Each woman can feel more beautiful by just wearing one of these stunning outfits. They shape up, show up and make up your whole body. And since this is a spring-summer collection, many, many and once again many colors are available

 When I heard that Versace introduced above-the waist-pockets in many jackets and dresses, I wasn't quite convinced. Waist is a part of body where women would love to have the slimmest and any material addidtion in this area could make the waist look bigger and heavier. However, there was no need to worry as the pockets turned out to look amazing!!

Amazing designs, a wide variety of colours and feminine looks, all this combined to form Versace's latest collection. I love it!!!
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