March 22, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Fendi Spring/ Summer 2011

 Spring is just around the corner and we can already smell all the preparations our favourite Fashion Designer have made.
This year, many designers decided to go for lighter, yet elegant and sometimes sophisticated outfits, such as Fendi. Her great outfits can only be competed with the greatest designers of all time.

The models paraded on the catwalk with full make up, hair straightened down and falling on their shoulders. red lipstick was highly recognized on most models, as it gave an even more elegant appearance, which the Fendi designers were going for.
 Most models didn't wear any jewellery The latest collection is all about simplicity, with a touch of red lipstick and low heeled shoes.

 The colours in the collection were also simple. Mostly white and navy. Fendi tried to keep everything under few chosen shades. I guess it worked out perfectly.


 Celebrities Spotted!!

 These two Gorgeous celebrities were spotted recently and BaniCeleb had to write about them. 
Now, the point is, there are two different looks. Kelly Rowland created and elegant, casual and sexy look all together, and Sienna Miller a cute casual look. But which star turned out to have the better look?? I just can't decide.

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