March 16, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Jennifer Lopez working with TOUS

Can this woman be any more successful?? Jennifer Lopez, or should I say, a dancer, a producer, a singer, an actress - whatever the name, this woman has got them all!!
Furthermore, JLo decided to become the face for TOUS in the Spring campaign TOUS is a company focused on Jewellery and accessories.

What a great choice that was. Putting JLo into the campaign was like hitting the jackpot. She will truly bring success to the company, just like she always does!
The shops can be found around New York, Tokyo London and many more place.

Julianne Moore still Hot!!

 It turns out that you don't have to be a skinny eighteen-year-old girl to be in the magazine cover. And Julianne Moore knows it well!! This lady was born in 1960 and has ever since looked amazing. Take a good look at how great Julianne looks in the photos for Talbots

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