March 15, 2011

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Same Dress- Different Magazine!!

Two Gorgeous celebrities, Amanda Seyfried and Abbie Cornish, appeared on magazines in the same month- March! But more interesting news is that... they were both wearing the same dress by Prada!

Female celebrities usually don't wear the same dresses, only because they don't want any "competition" between them. I know it's hard to believe, but how often do you see two celebrities in the same dress?? Not so often. No of them want to be known as "the girl but less attractive" in the dress... or anything like that.

But here you go. On the cover ov Marie Claire, Amanda Seyfried appeared in the latest collection by Prada.
She looks absolutely stunning. With all her gorgeous hair eyes... :)

Another person, however, appeared in the same dress, but in a different magazine. This time it was Abbie Cornish, an Australian actress and model, who was on the cover of Harper's magazine. Abbie, on the other hand, wore a black strapless bra underneath so that the bra-line is slightly different than Amanda's.

I have to say, both women are truly attractive.

 But it is your opinion that counts the most. Who do you think turned out to be the best looking woman on 2011 cover?? Amanda or Abbie?? 
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 Retro Hairstyle

The trend is now back, fully upgraded, with with the same theme. any celebrities fell in love with this trend, and o did we!! Here come the trend, that we've all seen before... Retro Trend!!! Yeah!

check out which celebrities love the idea of having a bowed-hair, with a touch of Spay Hair!!

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