March 12, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Kelly Spotted

We have to admit, Kelly has her own style. the star loves to mix and match anything she finds in her wardrobe. and it works!! 

I love how she creates amazing new looks and establishes new trends on her own! this girls know whats; what and we should really observe her next moves. Or better yet. We will observe her and you folks just sit down and kindly await our next posts on Kelly!!


Stars in Bootcut Jeans!!

Ever since I remember, my favourite jeans were bootcut. Not only do they look fab in eith flat or high heels, but they have a secret that most women don't know about... yap. Bootcut jeans elongate the leg. I know, you may have know this before, but I know most girls didn't.

The leg appears longer and slimmer. they may come from the 70's but hey- there is something about them that makes them last since then!!

Take a look at Claudia Schiffer's jeans. Low-heeled shoes, a matching handbag and a grey top and blazer might seem a little boring. And I think Claudia knew about it so she added a great scarf in am orange colur to brighten up the look.Genius!!

Here's Paris Hilton.  Her pants may not be Denim, but a bootcut means any type of trousers that are wide/wider at the bottom of the legs. I love how Paris gave herself a Gothic look. Someone with black hair and wearing the same outfit may look a bit "darkish" but Paris's long shiny blonde hair makes the look simply elegant. No strings attached.

these are just examples of how great bootcut trousers are. No matter what's  your style, those pants will suit any type!!

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