March 31, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Look Like you give a Damn!

Yes, there is actually a party called, "Look like You give a Damn" in west Hollywood and Fergie was one of the celebrities that joined the party.  

I love how she dressed up as if she actually gave a damn about what people would think of her.

 A cotton t-shirt from Balmain's spring summer collection. It has many cool stuff on it like safety pins and huge holes which made the top look very unique.

 The fergalicious girl also chose a leather jacket (also Balmain) and stripy skinny troursers, all matched up with a pair of black heels.However, she singer decided to go for an orange bag, with really finishes up the look. Who could have thought that stripy pants, leather jacket, ripped top and an orange bag would make such an impression!!
Without a splash of any bright colours, the look would just stay boring, and I'm sorry but without shocking looks, nobody enters our posts:) Even you Fergie LOL:)


 Ladies, Ladies, Ladies:)

 A new premiere of  "Soul Surfer" occured in Hollywood just yesterday. Many actresses gathered together for the lovely event, most of all Carrie Underwood, Helen Hunt and Hilary Duff

Each one of them look so fab, I decided to show you all. Hilary (left) with her stripy skirt, Carrie and her flower on the side and Helen with her amazingly shiny dress. But which do you think deserves the title for Best dressed?? Comment to vote!

March 30, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Versace Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection

I don't know if there is a single woman on Earth that wouldn't like Versace. Really!! What woman doesn't want to look beautiful and gorgeous without spending the whole day preparing. This is actually how Versace works. The company designs so beautiful outfits so that no make-up or heavy jewellery would be necessary.
 Take a look at all of the models below. Each one looks as fabulous as the other, yet neither has her hair bouncing off the shoulders, they are simply tied back.They wear no bracelets nor lip gloss.

 Donattella's design are meant to work this way. Each woman can feel more beautiful by just wearing one of these stunning outfits. They shape up, show up and make up your whole body. And since this is a spring-summer collection, many, many and once again many colors are available

 When I heard that Versace introduced above-the waist-pockets in many jackets and dresses, I wasn't quite convinced. Waist is a part of body where women would love to have the slimmest and any material addidtion in this area could make the waist look bigger and heavier. However, there was no need to worry as the pockets turned out to look amazing!!

Amazing designs, a wide variety of colours and feminine looks, all this combined to form Versace's latest collection. I love it!!!
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March 28, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Once again, one of the famous Fashion Designers inspired me and made my life happier!! I can truly say, that the Louis Vuitton really knows how to shock people every season. 

 Either floral prints, animal prints, all them matched together to form ideal creations. So beautiful, everybody will fall in love in them!

Transparent long dresses, erotic decolletages and shiny black belts to add an even more feminine look. The models truly looked amazing, as if they came from a fantasy world. A world with many colors and... fantasy...

March 26, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Nicky or Vicky??

The two of them were recently spotted were the same jacket. The colour may be different but you can't fool the fashion fans!!
Victoria Beckham, right, was spotted on Airport, wearing a black military jacket, by Marc Jacobs.

On the left, you see Nicky Hilton walking around the city in the exact jacket. But who, dressed up cool enough to win the title of " The Better Looking by BaniCeleb"?? WHO?


Crystal Renn on cover of Vogue !

Guess which celebrity s on cover of Vogue!!

That's right, this gorgeous lady was seen on a Mexican Vogue, also wearing a stunning knee-length red dress.
One thing is for sure, that whatever language the Vogue has, she sure fills up the Alphabet:) hehe

March 22, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Fendi Spring/ Summer 2011

 Spring is just around the corner and we can already smell all the preparations our favourite Fashion Designer have made.
This year, many designers decided to go for lighter, yet elegant and sometimes sophisticated outfits, such as Fendi. Her great outfits can only be competed with the greatest designers of all time.

The models paraded on the catwalk with full make up, hair straightened down and falling on their shoulders. red lipstick was highly recognized on most models, as it gave an even more elegant appearance, which the Fendi designers were going for.
 Most models didn't wear any jewellery The latest collection is all about simplicity, with a touch of red lipstick and low heeled shoes.

 The colours in the collection were also simple. Mostly white and navy. Fendi tried to keep everything under few chosen shades. I guess it worked out perfectly.


 Celebrities Spotted!!

 These two Gorgeous celebrities were spotted recently and BaniCeleb had to write about them. 
Now, the point is, there are two different looks. Kelly Rowland created and elegant, casual and sexy look all together, and Sienna Miller a cute casual look. But which star turned out to have the better look?? I just can't decide.

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March 18, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Matthew Williamson inspired by...Feathers. 
Yes that's right. of of the famous Fashion Designer, Matthew Williamson  took a good look at Peacock feathers and sad "Hey! why not turn them into cool outfits!!" And so he did. I'm just kidding. I don't what he said exactly but I do know that he was really inspired by them. Take a look at how the skirt looks like...

 Pretty cool huh?? :)


Olivia Palermo Trendy!

Olivia Palermo was just on her way to a London Fashion Week. How awesome does she look! I mean, this girl has her own trend. Really Fab. A+ for Olivia!!

March 16, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Jennifer Lopez working with TOUS

Can this woman be any more successful?? Jennifer Lopez, or should I say, a dancer, a producer, a singer, an actress - whatever the name, this woman has got them all!!
Furthermore, JLo decided to become the face for TOUS in the Spring campaign TOUS is a company focused on Jewellery and accessories.

What a great choice that was. Putting JLo into the campaign was like hitting the jackpot. She will truly bring success to the company, just like she always does!
The shops can be found around New York, Tokyo London and many more place.

Julianne Moore still Hot!!

 It turns out that you don't have to be a skinny eighteen-year-old girl to be in the magazine cover. And Julianne Moore knows it well!! This lady was born in 1960 and has ever since looked amazing. Take a good look at how great Julianne looks in the photos for Talbots

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March 15, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Same Dress- Different Magazine!!

Two Gorgeous celebrities, Amanda Seyfried and Abbie Cornish, appeared on magazines in the same month- March! But more interesting news is that... they were both wearing the same dress by Prada!

Female celebrities usually don't wear the same dresses, only because they don't want any "competition" between them. I know it's hard to believe, but how often do you see two celebrities in the same dress?? Not so often. No of them want to be known as "the girl but less attractive" in the dress... or anything like that.

But here you go. On the cover ov Marie Claire, Amanda Seyfried appeared in the latest collection by Prada.
She looks absolutely stunning. With all her gorgeous hair eyes... :)

Another person, however, appeared in the same dress, but in a different magazine. This time it was Abbie Cornish, an Australian actress and model, who was on the cover of Harper's magazine. Abbie, on the other hand, wore a black strapless bra underneath so that the bra-line is slightly different than Amanda's.

I have to say, both women are truly attractive.

 But it is your opinion that counts the most. Who do you think turned out to be the best looking woman on 2011 cover?? Amanda or Abbie?? 
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 Retro Hairstyle

The trend is now back, fully upgraded, with with the same theme. any celebrities fell in love with this trend, and o did we!! Here come the trend, that we've all seen before... Retro Trend!!! Yeah!

check out which celebrities love the idea of having a bowed-hair, with a touch of Spay Hair!!

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March 12, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Kelly Spotted

We have to admit, Kelly has her own style. the star loves to mix and match anything she finds in her wardrobe. and it works!! 

I love how she creates amazing new looks and establishes new trends on her own! this girls know whats; what and we should really observe her next moves. Or better yet. We will observe her and you folks just sit down and kindly await our next posts on Kelly!!


Stars in Bootcut Jeans!!

Ever since I remember, my favourite jeans were bootcut. Not only do they look fab in eith flat or high heels, but they have a secret that most women don't know about... yap. Bootcut jeans elongate the leg. I know, you may have know this before, but I know most girls didn't.

The leg appears longer and slimmer. they may come from the 70's but hey- there is something about them that makes them last since then!!

Take a look at Claudia Schiffer's jeans. Low-heeled shoes, a matching handbag and a grey top and blazer might seem a little boring. And I think Claudia knew about it so she added a great scarf in am orange colur to brighten up the look.Genius!!

Here's Paris Hilton.  Her pants may not be Denim, but a bootcut means any type of trousers that are wide/wider at the bottom of the legs. I love how Paris gave herself a Gothic look. Someone with black hair and wearing the same outfit may look a bit "darkish" but Paris's long shiny blonde hair makes the look simply elegant. No strings attached.

these are just examples of how great bootcut trousers are. No matter what's  your style, those pants will suit any type!!

March 3, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Family Looking Good

One of the most popular celebrities of all time- Madonna of course, showed up with her daughter Lourdes for a party organized by a magazine called Vanity Fair.

Both ladies decided to wear something special, yet incredibly unique and different.

Madonna went for a Gothic look. A long black leotard and a few scraps of lace is an ideal outfit to look "dark" and sexy.

Lourdes on the other hand wore a geoetric- patterned mini dress. Her dark hair and black shoes also gives a scent of Goth. 

 Spring in White- Like the Idea??

 Ahh, Spring is just around the corner. The touch of sunshine sure does cheer us up! But nothing cheers a girl more than a complete new wardrobe!! Winter, Summer, Spring- whatever the weather, BaniCeleb always has something great to show. This season, many fashion designers decided to go for lighter colours. White is definitively a colour to go for when buying something this Spring. Take a look at our mix and match and see how many items can combine to each other from the same shade!!

Both Derek Lam and Calvin Klein decided to go for "Less means more" type of theme. white outfits, with a dash of darker shades worked perfectly as the models paraded through the catwalk. Much more fashion designers were fascinated by the idea of bringing brigther colours to the new season. 
 River Island Bracelet

Handbag by Kazar

Silky Top by H&M