February 18, 2011

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 Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011

When I first watched Marc Jacob's latest collection, I wasn't exactly sure what will  see. And even though Marc Jacobs tries to slightly connect his new collection to his previous one, I must say that many new things were introduced. The first thing that you focus your eye on must be the accessories. The models walked with huge ribbons on their necks or had a giant flower in their hair. The next thing were the colours- mainly pale yellow, pale pink and a touch of dark red. Most items had all three colours, but Marc Jacobs always tries to show the "less means more" in items, even in colours.

 So, when it comes to this Spring- Summer collection, yellow, pink and dark red are definitely the colours a person should mention. And even though they don't sound like a lot, but Marc J. had no problem in creating many amazing new looks!!
There were, however, more unique items. Stunning dresses, shorts and transparent tops are also included in the collection. Strapless jumpsuits and glittery jackets hit the jackpot in this collection. They gave more glam to those pale dresses and tops.


Mix and Match with Nicky

Gorgeous  Nicky Hilton has been spotted walking around town, wearing very casual items. W know Nicky likes to wear them, therefore, BaniCeleb want to show you, guys, how easy it is to mix them up and match!! Enjoy!
Top: TopShop, Skinny jeans: Cropp, Red handbag: TopSecret, Shoes: 5th Avenue

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