February 2, 2011

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 D&G Spring Summer Collection 2011

The world has turned upside down for the D&G company. From heavy, plain furs and coats from last season, the Fashion company decide to go all the way into spring. Apparently they were inspired by... flowers. Lots of flowers. And I don't blame them, The last thing I want to see is snow and ice. Bringing flowers into your wardrobe refreshes everything. 
An if freshness of look and light outfits that you are looking for- then D&G's collection is for you!!


.The runway as well as the whole room, were beautifully decorated. There were fresh flowers and only fresh flowers . They had real roses, hydrangeas, peonies, ferns, and ivy around and it gave this an absolutely amazing smell .A smell of a new season, new collection. Truly beautiful, I have to say. 
It became more beautiful when the models stepped out, wearing the outstanding  collection by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. 

Models paraded in bubble shorts, either gridded or floral printed. There were small pockets on the side of them, to give a more casual look. The shorts themselves look as if the fashion designers were inspired by 1970's but I guess this is just a dash of it. Along with the shorts were denim jackets, which I believe work perfectly with floral prints. The shoes were incredibly gorgeous. High heeled, either gridded or floral printed and they had flowers attached on the side of them, so it was really pretty.

There were also long oversized trousers and over the knee dresses. The whole idea of these oversized outfits is that the collection is all about looking casual, comfortable, yet innocent and "girly". A belt is added to them, to keep the models shape visible. without the belt, the models would probably end up looking saggy and big.
High heeled shows, floral accessories, gridded shawls, and big handbags was a jackpot when combined together. Some models had tops with snow white and the seven dwarves printed which also gave an extra imagination.

And then there were long length dresses. Fully floral printed, the models posed on the runway looking absolutely beautiful. And all the decoration aroud them made them look as if they were on a walk in a garden. By just looking at those outfits, you can feel summer already. I say- bring it on!!

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