February 23, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Miss Kardashian Adorable !

For one of the celebrity nights,  Kountney Kardashian decided to go all the way in a simple style. So girly, so chick- this girl has it all. And what better suits a simple look than a beautiful smile of a beautiful woman!!

I absolutely love her style. The way she decided to wear huge trousers- the name just slipped me out of my head and I can't remind it), a grenish top and a gold belt to glam it up. I love how she wore the red lipstick to it. Amazing!!


Stylish with Fergie!!

 If you are a big fan of Fergie's style, than this post is simply made for you!! Check out the latest style Fergie created. Like it or hate it, this baby's gold!!:)

 Shawl: Pull and Bear, Boots: Blink, Coat: Mango,Dress: H&M, Handbag: Mango

February 20, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Leona's Best Look Ever!

Even though we don't usually write about Leona's looks, we really do find then interesting. 

For the Unforgettable Evening on February 10th, Leona Lewis arrived in a Beautifully designed dress- Leona's dress!! I find the dress to be really unique. The colour, the style and the fabric. Amazing. we also find the dress to be one of her best looks ever!!
The event marked the 15th anniversary of the Women’s Cancer Research Fund which continues to raise support for innovative cancer research.


What's up with Tisdale??

Well, we don't know if a lot is going up with Ashley Tisdale, but we DO know that whatever she's doing- she looks perfect:)
Simple yet stunning. Her latest look amazed fans around the web- us too:) I love how she added few simple items and created a nice casual look. Love it or hate it, this baby knows how to style:)

Dress: Pull & Bear, Top: New Look, Handbag: TopShop, Sunglasses: H&M, Sandals: TopShop

February 18, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011

When I first watched Marc Jacob's latest collection, I wasn't exactly sure what will  see. And even though Marc Jacobs tries to slightly connect his new collection to his previous one, I must say that many new things were introduced. The first thing that you focus your eye on must be the accessories. The models walked with huge ribbons on their necks or had a giant flower in their hair. The next thing were the colours- mainly pale yellow, pale pink and a touch of dark red. Most items had all three colours, but Marc Jacobs always tries to show the "less means more" in items, even in colours.

 So, when it comes to this Spring- Summer collection, yellow, pink and dark red are definitely the colours a person should mention. And even though they don't sound like a lot, but Marc J. had no problem in creating many amazing new looks!!
There were, however, more unique items. Stunning dresses, shorts and transparent tops are also included in the collection. Strapless jumpsuits and glittery jackets hit the jackpot in this collection. They gave more glam to those pale dresses and tops.


Mix and Match with Nicky

Gorgeous  Nicky Hilton has been spotted walking around town, wearing very casual items. W know Nicky likes to wear them, therefore, BaniCeleb want to show you, guys, how easy it is to mix them up and match!! Enjoy!
Top: TopShop, Skinny jeans: Cropp, Red handbag: TopSecret, Shoes: 5th Avenue

February 15, 2011

Latest Fashion News

Marchesa Spring Summer 2011

  Every season, the gowns are unique and special. I'm talking about Marchesa, of course. Absolutely beautiful, amazing and breathtaking. It turns out that a woman doesn't have to wear white when getting married. The future is all about creating difference and of course- creating a new future. Let's forget about the past and let our ideas spread out in different directions! Go wild:)

I absolutely love the new collection. With heavily bejeweled necklines, hand-painted florals on rolling sculptural drapes, and grand obilike loops that were revealed when a model turned. Amid the gowns were a few harem-panted jumpsuits. Cut in lace and finished with little bolero jackets and jewel-crusted clutches, they didn't exactly read casual. If you want to go back to the older posts, you can see that many celebrities have been inspired by  latest collection


Elle Style Awards 2011!!

Check out one of the best looking ladies at the Elle style Awards 2011 and see for yourself why BaniCeleb loves them!!

 Thandie Newton

Cheryl Cole

Laura Bailey

 Please note: photos attached in BaniCeleb's post have not been taken by baniCeleb. All else was edited by BaniCeleb for more info, please email: BaniCeleb@gmail.com

February 12, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 LiLo's  famous dress

Lindsay Lohan would definitely not be in this post, if it wasn't for her accusation. Apparently it has been heard that the actress, famously known as LiLo has been accused of stealing a necklace... . Long story short, Lindsay was spotted in front of the court wearing a stunning dress from Kimberly Orvitz. It's worth around $580 dollars. I think it's pretty gorgeous on her. And I don't believe LiLo would steal anything.

It's been also heard that the dress is selling really fast and many people would love to have it! A great advertisement for free!!  

February 8, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Natalie's gorgeous new look!!

 For the Academy Awards nominations in Beverly Hills, Natalie Portman decided to go stunning teal dress by Lanvin, along with red high heels by Charles David and a gorgeous clutch by Dior! The dress is designed to flatter her baby bump, which is almost not visible!! We love your look, Natalie:)

 Chloe Spring Summer 2011

For spring-summer 2011 Chloe has presented a beautiful collection of outfits for women.  The latest collection is based on the same colours as the previous collection. Beige and other nude colors are definitely Chloe's favourite colours!! I like it too. Beige goes with many colours, especially white. And the Chloe used this advantage and creadted gorgeous dresses, trousers and silky tops in these colours.

 Nude leotard with a scooped-out back and a matching below-the-knee pleated skirt, worn with red or white ballet flats. Another: a bodysuit plus sheer tutulike skirt, with shorts underneath to address the sheerness factor. Chloe is known for their "less means more" outfits, beautiful plain and light dresses.

 Although the whole collection represents light dresses and plain trousers, there were barely any jackets shown. I guess it was because the whole idea was to introduce ballet shoes with light dresses, and getting rid of heavy jackets.  By wearing any jacket, the outfit may be messy and it would Chloe looking undecided- as in: "So, does Chloe want us to wear light dresses and sandals, or heavy jackets??" But I think the whole collection is great for summer

February 6, 2011

Latest Fashion News


 If it a new look that you're looking for, then look no further! BaniCeleb has always got something for you! Check out this mix and match look. If this item is not excactly your style, please comment or check theprevrious posts by BaniCeleb!!

Go Kardashians!!

Let's go back to the People's Choice Awards for a second. Back then, when all the celebrities gathered together wearing beautiful gowns and suits, we completely forgot to mention one of the famous stars- The Kardashian sisters. That's right.
Both sisters looked very similar to each other, as if they wanted to highlight that they are sisters and love each other very much. They both went for a strapless dress, with the same colour. Kim added a little sparkle on her neck, while Khloe let her gorgeous long hair down. And even though the image doesn't show their shoes, they both had high peep toe shoes in a beige colour. Gorgeous!!

February 2, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 D&G Spring Summer Collection 2011

The world has turned upside down for the D&G company. From heavy, plain furs and coats from last season, the Fashion company decide to go all the way into spring. Apparently they were inspired by... flowers. Lots of flowers. And I don't blame them, The last thing I want to see is snow and ice. Bringing flowers into your wardrobe refreshes everything. 
An if freshness of look and light outfits that you are looking for- then D&G's collection is for you!!


.The runway as well as the whole room, were beautifully decorated. There were fresh flowers and only fresh flowers . They had real roses, hydrangeas, peonies, ferns, and ivy around and it gave this an absolutely amazing smell .A smell of a new season, new collection. Truly beautiful, I have to say. 
It became more beautiful when the models stepped out, wearing the outstanding  collection by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. 

Models paraded in bubble shorts, either gridded or floral printed. There were small pockets on the side of them, to give a more casual look. The shorts themselves look as if the fashion designers were inspired by 1970's but I guess this is just a dash of it. Along with the shorts were denim jackets, which I believe work perfectly with floral prints. The shoes were incredibly gorgeous. High heeled, either gridded or floral printed and they had flowers attached on the side of them, so it was really pretty.

There were also long oversized trousers and over the knee dresses. The whole idea of these oversized outfits is that the collection is all about looking casual, comfortable, yet innocent and "girly". A belt is added to them, to keep the models shape visible. without the belt, the models would probably end up looking saggy and big.
High heeled shows, floral accessories, gridded shawls, and big handbags was a jackpot when combined together. Some models had tops with snow white and the seven dwarves printed which also gave an extra imagination.

And then there were long length dresses. Fully floral printed, the models posed on the runway looking absolutely beautiful. And all the decoration aroud them made them look as if they were on a walk in a garden. By just looking at those outfits, you can feel summer already. I say- bring it on!!