January 19, 2011

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 Mix and match with Olivia Palermo

Famous celebrity Olivia Palermo always has a breathtaking image. Whether she is off to a restaurant, or posing on the red carpet, the star always has a dozen of paparazzi chasing her. The image below shows you how easy it is to dress up like Olivia Palermo. And who knows, maybe you'll be the next hunt for the paparazzi??

Items from the right side of the photo:
Brown cardigan with fur- TopShop, Black lace Top,- KappAhl, black leather clutch-TopShop, ankle boots-Zara, jewellery-H&M, bow skirt-Mango

 Celebrities Spotted!!

 Guess which celebrities were recently spotted on a typical sunny day- Kate Moss and Emma Roberts!
Check out their casual looks behind the red carpet. Enjoy!

Emma Roberts
Kate Moss

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