January 12, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Lindsay Lohan Spotted

 Is it just me or is Lindsay glowing?? I love the way she looks on the photo. Her hair so shiny  long, I love the way they fall down on the shoulders.... and her look is so youthful....

O yes, Lindsay's look. Those black boots go absolutely fine with the leather handbag. The top slightly brightens up the look and makes it more "hip" and youthful. I believe Lindsay did not spend too much time thinking about what to wear that day, but it certainly is a look to be talking about!!

Alexa's Inspired Look

When it comes to looking completely unique, Alexa's name come into talk. This beautiful lady has got it all and much more. For the teen awards, miss Chung went for a beautiful beige skirt and plain white shirt and..... a pair of sandals. 

 I love how Alexa experimented with both elegant and casual items. The result is absolutely outstanding. Love the style, the look and the Alexa:)

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