January 6, 2011

Latest Fashion News

 Mary-Kate being herself

 We all know that the Olsen twins has a very "different" taste of fashion. Instead, like most young women, go for colorful miniskirts, tops and pets in their designer bags, the Olsens like to go for darker, heavier outfits. Furs, black leather bags, Gothic skirts and oversized sweaters are more like it.
But that's their style. And I love it!!  Especially recently, one of the twins, Mary Kate was spotted wearing, of course, her favourite dark and expensive fur and a gorgeous umbrella by Cancan. Not only does the star look great in her Gothic outfit, but the umbrella makes her look even more amazing!! Love the accessory and what's even more fun, is that the umbrella comes in different colors! take a look on the photo!


Kim Kardashian spotted!!

Just recently the popular celebrity star was seen wondering around the Los Angeles airport. Kim, famously known for her exotic dresses and sexy outfits made quiet a shock to the photographers. In a good way. the star decided to wear something more comfortable. A pair of black leggings, along with leather boots, a gray silky top and a cozy scarf did the trick. And let's not forget the big sunglasses to cover up the make-up free eyes. The star looks absolutely great. And she picked a great outfit, too. Great for going out and feeling great!!


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