December 30, 2011

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Celebrity Trend Spotted!

Every once in a while BaniCeleb loves to hunt for a celebrity with a unique fashion trend. Some Celebrities have little or no sense of style, but some have a lot. Those that do, are being noticed and talked about for a week or more. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's amazing shoes. Love it or hate it - it's your choice!

Ever since one of the most popular Fashion Magazines  ELLE announced Rosie as the Best Dressed Woman of the Year 2011, people (more likely women) started to carefully copy her looks. The paparazzi goes almost everywhere she goes just to catch Rosie's latest outfit.

I myself really admire the model's style. It is always so unique, nothing too much.
Most of the time Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would wear a casual T-shirt, along with a pair of skinny jeans and would accessorize the look with high heels and a leather bag. She would put on sunglasses and would really rock in any outfit!
That is why I admire her looks all the time.


December 27, 2011

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X-Factor's Biggest Star- Pepsi!

Hey Ladies and Gents, time to talk about the latest X-factor stars! However, I want to skip the celebrities and talk about the real star of the night... the  Pepsi handbag!
I must say...Wow! I don't know if you have the same reaction as I do, but I absolutely love Paula Abdul's handbag!  A crystal can-like handbag with a gold chain attached has definitely attracted more than one pair of eyes, I would say.

There is no doubt in weather Paula got some bucks from the Pepsi company in order to show up carrying a sparkly can-handbag with a huge Pepsi logo on the side. never mind that. I myself love it!
For the X-Factor show, Paula really brightened up her look with the bag. She wore a stripy suit, which would look really pale and boring without a proper accessory. So, Paula decided to go all the way and accessorize herself with a sparkly Pepsi handbag. Her look suddenly turned from boring to hip and chic!

Just one question bothers me.. how do you open a handbag, which looks just the same as an ordinary can? Do you open it just like a can? I haven't seen any zipper on it. I'll find out soon I guess.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the post! Thanks and see you next time!

December 17, 2011

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Our Wedding Collection!!

OK Girls, for all those interested in the wedding dresses I have something special organized for you. The Wedding collection! Yes, that's right. I just love weddings, plus my older sister is getting married! So there you have the two main reasons why I am looking forward for any wedding event:)
Take a look at Vera Wang's collection. Truly beautiful, breathtaking and ... well, you decide.

I call this one the girly and cutre dress. I love the cut. Designed for the person who wishes to be the Ball Girl. I remember one of my Barbies had a similar dress. The lace on the shoulders make it extra feminine. There is no chance in the world that you won't get notice in this! 

Strapless wedding dresses have become very popular over the years. Under dozens of material the Bride can still show some skin and look stunning. The type of dress suits women with petite shoulders. I love the bow around the model's hips!

And finally, our third picture. Wedding dress not so similar to the two above dresses. The colour definitively changes the whole look. A warm shade of grey make any person say : "is she the bride?" . Definitively the color is for brides who look for fashion and that "something" instead of just jumping into white. It's 2011! Soon we will see more colors on the wedding dresses than we can imagine...

So how did you like them? These were my 3 favorite wedding dress which I would catch my eye on. I love them- what is your opinion?? Comment!

December 11, 2011

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 Find the Difference: Carey Mulligan's photo!

I found out just recently, that the young British actress had quite a busy year..  The same picture of the stunning Carey has been used as a cover to three famous fashion magazines, Vogue, Glamour and Elle.
"Recycling Magazine Cover" - that is how I would describe this horrible mistake. Check out why!

Carey Mulligan wear a Chanel dress. The first photo has been taken last year in October for the Vogue Magazine.


Two months later, the photo also ended up on a German edition of  "Glamour". The photo is the same, it has slight edited features.


And now, for Elle's magazine cover for November, the actress once again showed up wearing the same dress. It's no coincidence that Carey wore the same dress for a photoshoot. The magazine just copied the photo. It's is amazing how such a big Company never bothered to renew Carey's look.

Even though the three pictures appear the same, they were actually edited. If you look closely, you may find slight differences in each one of those covers. The last picture shows Carey wearing a very natural lipstick, whereas on the two above covers - well, she you can't say it's her natual lip colour.
But it's not about the colours nor the shades. It's about the mistake caused by "ignorance" (maybe). The three magazines should and are promoting the latest fashion trends. The cover is very important as well as the inside stories. And Carey posing again for the cover wearing the same dress she wore last year is just... above and behind.

What do you guys think? Was it OK for Carey to be on the November 2011 Fashion Cover, wearing "not" the latest fashion trend? Comment if you wish to be heard!

November 27, 2011

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Steven Alan Resort 2012

Not many of us yet know much about Steven Alan (his name only occured to my mind recently). So, as I am so curious I began to research. I wanted to find something more about him. 
However I cam across his 2012 Resort Collection. I need no more research. It was amazing. Pure elegant, cute and simple at the same time. I want to show you some amazing pics I gathered.

Simple, Casual and girly is how I would say about this collection. Steven Alan surely has an eye to simplicity.
I love the idea with the straw hat being the main accessory. The colours in the collection are again - simple and neutral.

Simple sandals, no high heels attached or anything. Those babies stay in fashion forever! I remember I had a pair of these years ago, and now ( years later) I write about them! I love polka dots, and Steven Alan combined a Polka T-shirt with a ruffled cream or navy skirt. 

Of all the lady Gaga's and Katy Perry's outfits I've seen so far, it's nice to see a change of simplicity into the world. I love the idea and would definitely recommend Steven Alan's amazing Resort 2012 collection. Of course, these types of skirts and Polka dots may be found at almost stores. I myself had a cheaper way of getting this style- Thank you H&M !!

November 12, 2011

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Versace Ready for Summer!

Versace Sping/ Summer ready-to-wear collection for 2012 finally revealed! Take a moment of your time and gaze into this amazing collection, which Donatella has presented!

The whole runway show room was bright and delightful to look at. Warm tones and music really created this summery atmosphere. The catwalk was lightened up. And then, the Goddesses showed up. Each model more beautiful from the other. And the first thing a person would notice is... seashell print!

Yes, Donatella created some magnificent looks either with a sea shell print, starfish print or even a mermaid print. Bright outfits, white was definitively dominating. Shorts, blazers, dresses were very visible on the catwalk. And those high heeled sandals! I would die for one of them!  

The models had their hair straightened, a small dash of lip gloss, mascara, and once you know it, they were already on the catwalk. Sea Shell prints, Starfishes and white blazers are definitely my favorite option for summer!

November 8, 2011

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                  Lace Dress- How to wear it

OK, girls- admit some of you have at least one lace dress hanging in your closet.... Well, I'm one of those girls who doesn't owe a lace dress... yet. I wasn't really convinced all this time. Finally, just recently, I got some time for research and I found out that LACE isn't really that bad. It matches with almost any type of shoe. I can wear any type of jewellery, as long as it's elegant.

Here is our famous Twilight Star, Bella. Kristen Stewart to some people. We can see lace is definitely her call. Kristen love Gothic style, dark colours suit her well. As we can see, the Twilight girl gave her lips a red look and wore  pair of black heels. She looks hip, chick and very feminine. 10/10!

I love this photo! This is Nina Dobrev wearing Zuhair Murad's Dress. I love lace, because there is not much to accessorize once you wear it. If you wish to lighten up your black lace dress, try wearing a pair of red high heels andget amazing looking red lips just like Nina in the above picture did. The look is more romantic and sexy at the same time!

And here is our last model of the day- Chloe Moretz. This dress, by Dolce & Gabbana is truly fashionable. It's a two print dress. The upper layer is, of course lace, and the lower part of the dress is a floral print. Both so different, yet combine together with no problem. And that is amazing. The year 2011 is all about mixing all types of prints. It is playing with fashion-which is good, because fashion suppose to be fun, not boring, right?
Anyways, Chloe added a pair of bow-in-front sandals, which worked out pretty good.

And there you have it. Three amazing styles and looks. Whatever your style, you can always count on BaniCeleb!!

November 2, 2011

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Nikki Reid - Hot or Not?

The Premiere for the New Season of Twilight "Breaking Dawn", the Red Carpet is on fire. Many celebrities showed up. Kristen Stewart,  Robert Pattinson and so on.

What really makes me wonder, is that Nikki Reid looked very amazing. Nikki Reid had a beautiful white dress from Maria Lucia Hohan. As some of you may know, the dress also inspired  Stacy Keibler, George Cloony's new Girlfirend. 
At first, Nikki looked pretty amazing. Her beautiful tan, along with a white long dress. A perfect combination.
But the second time we looked, we thought: The dress widens her shoulders, it's slightly too big for her. This is not the type of dress she should wear for her body type.
What do you think?? Hot or Not?? Comment!

October 26, 2011

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Keira dressed the modest way

Keira Knightley is known not only from the role in "The Pirates of the Caribbean", but also she is very well recognized for her taste in Fashion. Miss Knightley loves modest and simple dresses, as well as natural make up and not too heavy jewelry. This may sound a little bit boring to some people, but check out what Keira wore just few days ago.

For the London Premiere of  the new movie "The Dangerous Method",  the stunning British beauty Keira Knightley showed up very neat and elegant. For her night out on the Red Carpet, the star chose a daring 2 colour dress, crossover in the bust area.

The dress comes from the latest Resort 2012 by Roksanda Illnic.
Even though the dress seem simple, because let's face it, the colours look a bit boring and the pencil dress cut is very last year, Keira Knightley managed to transform the creation into a beautiful design.

I always admired Keira's Fashion taste. It's always very stunning and she herself is a gorgeous woman.

And what do you think about her latest Red Carpet look? Hot or Not? Comment and share your Thoughts!

October 10, 2011

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Emma For Elle- Do you Like it?

The Young actress has been chosen to be the latest cover of Elle's autumn edition. She also posed for the English and Canadian Edition of Elle. But which cover do your prefer the most? Comment!
As you can see, Emma Watson is enjoying the October month really nicely. The actress has gained so much polularity, that many magazines are fighting to get her on cover. Well, you can't split famous Hermiona in Half, but you can always see her on Elle.
The 21-year Old has a red carpet thrown down her legs. She is a successful young lady with much more to experience and accomplish. 

Check out the cover below and decide yourself which one do you like better!!

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September 20, 2011

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Katy Perry for InStyle Magazine!!

This year Katy Perry decided to fully transform herself. Check out how Katy Perry presents herself in  InStyle magazine!

Katy Perry is known for her amazing transformations throughout her whole career. She is a girl that proudly loves to present in different hair colours. Not brown hair, not golden honey... but purple, red or pink!! That's right. She has no fear of looking bad or regrets of making bad decisions. What's done is done and Perry loves every decision she made so far. And so far- she's still on the list of the most popular celebrities that everyone loves to talk about!

However, most of her hair were just wigs, like the blonde wig or the dark red one. And when it comes to wigs, Perry pretty much knows everything about them.
This year however, the star decided to go one step further and dye her natural hair Pink!

I myself love her Transformation. I've heard in many forums that most people criticize her for having pink hair and... dark roots. Her natural hair obviously is growing and it's hard to keep the colour last for long ( Unless you want to dye so much, your hair will fall off, take a look at Lady Gaga).
And what do you think? Does the new hair colour suit Katy? You are more than welcome! to comment and share your thoughts here!

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Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2012

Check out what Vivienne has to offer for the upcoming new year 2012!

I personally love it. I watched the show few times and I was inspired by many things, not just the clothes. The main thing that my eyes were mainly focused on was the make up each model wore for the show.Each model looked so fantastic. Bright eye shadows, nude or red lipstick and rosy cheeks. Plus their hair were made as if a warm wind created those hairstyles. This truly set up a nice "summer" atmosphere .

The clothes were both elegant and sophisticated. Nothing too tight, nothing too baggy- just right. A variety of colours. plain ruffled dresses, gridded skirts and shorts, navy or cream blazers with shorts and ties. Everything that you can imagine on one runway show. Also long tunic sweaters, and amazing capes. Whatever your style, there is always something you would like in this news Vivienne Westood Spring Summer Collection 2012.

Many celebrities, including Ruta Gedmintas and Pamela Anderson came to the London Fashion Show a couple of days ago so they can truly admire the new collection. After the photos I've seem from the show, I regret I haven't seen it in reality!!

August 31, 2011

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Angelina Jolie on the Cover For Vanity Fair

Good news for Angelina Jolie's fans- you can now see your favourite actress in the newest cover of Vanity Fair just this October.
Yes, that's right. Vanity Fair Magazine with gorgeous Angelina Jolie on the cover are spreading throughout the world. Inside the magazine contains an interview with the star. Jolie reveals her thoughts about her new and first film " In the Land of Blood and Honey". 
Not only has she revealed a couple of details about her movie, she also made it clear that she in fact is married to Brad Pitt! The rumors have been going on for so long, there were many answers, but the real version is that- Both said "I Do" ! 

"In the Land of Blood and Honey" is the first movie directed by Angie. In the interview the star talks about 
her concers about the film and about the script written while she had a flu.
I have to say, there is a lot of things you can read from Vanity Fair. Here are some great shots of Angelina. Enjoy!

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August 30, 2011

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 Keeping up with the Kardashians

Wow! I honestly have to say that all of the Kardashian Girls are truly beautiful! In their own way, of course.

Here is a photo taken at the Kids Choice Awards 2011 back few months ago and all the sisters gathered together for a family pic. Starting from left, Kim with her sexy curves, Kylie Jenner with her beautiful hair, Kendall Jenner showing off her long sexy legs and Kourtney Kardashian with her beautiful smile. Each one so unique and yet- the same!!

Here are another pictures of these sisters at some of the events recently. I have to be honest, Kendall has a great chance in becoming a model! Her height and measurements are perfect and Ideal for the job, the only thing is: for which famous fashion designer would she love to model??


July 30, 2011

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Selena's  Autumn Collection!

Selena Gomez has once again inspired us with her Fashion Clothing Line. The girl is so talented, yet so young. Therefore, her clothes are young, fresh, hip and colourful- the perfect style for any young girl!

For the Autumn 2011, the young Designer has a lot to offer for her fans. She herself is co-working with a well-known company called Kmart. She brings a lot of great ideas which are then transformed into clothes. For the upcoming season, Selena presents casual and stylish outfits. Not too "outfitty", simple shirts with leggings, skinny jeans with a pair of high ankle boots is a perfect outfit for any teenage girl. Selena Gomez loves scarves, she herself wears them most of the time-you can also see them in this collection. 

All of the outfits are what Selena herself would wear. Leopard print leggins with a casual purple t-shirt and ankle boots or skinny jeans, floral print scarf, gridded shirt and a winter hat are outfits made and worn by Selena. You can notice that color purple dominates in her collection, however earth tones and pure black shade is also found in her Autumn collection.

The collection is called Dream Out Loud. What it means I think, is that each young girl should be brave wear items that suit their personality. Be creative, fun, and live your life to the full!!
whether you like the collection or not, please do comment!