December 16, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Somethin' ain't right....

I always admired Angelina Jolie's red carpet looks. Every time she stepped on it was an jaw dropping excitement. 
For the premiere of  "The Tourist " movie in Berlin, in which she plays the main role along with Johnny Depp, Angelina decided to wear a long black Versace dress with gloves attached.
The dress itself may look nice, but on Angelina's body.... . No comment on that. The dress is minimizing her breast, and even though black usually slims down the body, it sure didn't work for Jolie here. I would say the Versace dress is a one big punch in the face.


Mix and Match with Ashlee

Check out what Ashlee mixed to get her great look this season!!

It looks like Ashlee Simpson sure doesn't want winter controlling her wardrobe!! Few days ago, the star was spotted wearing denim shorts from the previous season, leather brown bag ( I saw very similar bag in TopShop this week), Huge circular shades, also from the previous season and the one before that., a summer top and ankle boots. And even though winter has already joined us, I say the look is fabulous. A little bit of mix and match was just enough to get Ashlee Simpson on our new BaniCeleb post!!

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