December 6, 2010

Latest Fashion News

What goes on With Angie

Not so long ago Angelina Jolie  was spotted with a Gucci handbag. She likes it so much that she takes the bag almost everywhere she goes. Jolie was spotted several times with the handbag.

You may think several times isn't that much. But in a celebrity world, using a handbag once is a luck. The stars buy handbags all the time, they may use it once, and then another one is bought. So believe me, several times is more than a lot. Also, just look how Angie is promoting Gucci!!


Same Dresses!!

 The Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2010 collection was quite amazing, that's a fact. And not only BaniCeleb agrees that the dresses created were a piece of art. Some celebrities too, loved LV collection.

Paris Hilton took a shot with one of LV dresses. Just few days ago she showed in one wearing high black pumps, black tights and a small addition of sparkly Jewellery.

Zoe Saldana on the other hand decided to glam without tights,but she applied a heavier make up than Paris's. She wore the dress much earlier than Miss Hilton. Both stars look amazing. Do you agree??