December 1, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Shoes inspired by Celebrities!

Charlotte Dellal is a young British shoe designer who is already known for her great work. Emma Watson and Olivia Palermo are on her long list of fans. The shoes look like any ordinary high heels, with the exception of a lovely ruffled material at the back.


Kylie inspired by Chanel

On your right side you see Kylie Minogue parading in a pair of gorgeous shoes from the latest collection by Chanel.

Along with the skinny jeans and a denim jackets, the shoes complete this casual look!!


The Mysterious Dress...

Let's go back for a second and let us talk about the look- alike celebrities. I recently saw these photos, of Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna wearing the same dresses from Lanvin's collection 2010, but what makes those dresses so fantastic that both stars decided to buy them??

Is it because of its weird material, the cut or the unique shoulder that made such an impression? And what surprises me the most is that this dress can go with absolutely anything!! If it's Rihanna's crazy hairstyle, or Jen's turquoise necklace. any colour, any style!!! Genius!!

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