November 13, 2010

Yes To Yellow!!

We may know Victoria from her strictly-one-colour outfits (of which most of them are black or grey). I myself am a big fan of wearing colour black and I find this colour very interesting no matter what season!!

But it looks like Victoria Beckham has been inspired by the colour... yellow. For her Spring 2011 collection, VB introduces a variety of colorful clothes. Although the fabric and theme stays the same ( same pencil skirts, small decolletage), Victoria tries to show us how from a simple boring piece of cloth you can turn it into a beautiful piece of art!!

How To wear it Right

What's up with those ankle length boots? As if they came out of nowhere, and yet they are on almost every window display. You cannot tell they are elegant, yet they match elegant outfits... . they look casual, but they work as high heels!! What's up with it??
Apparently these shoes can go with almost everything, until you will follow one important rule. MIX&MATCH. Yes. Those shoes go with everything and nothing, Mix all possible clothes, and add them together. The photo above shows a perfect example.

Dare to Mix??

Good To Floral  around sometimes

Claudia Shiffer Likes floral things...

This Lady has been lately spotted around New York, wearing a over the knee floral dress, a floral scarf and a stripy top. I don't know about you, but I surely love it!! It is like she invents her own looks, and does not care what everybody else think about it!!

You Go Girl!!

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