November 24, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Keeping Cool with Sharon

 This winter, Sharon Stone tries to concentrate more on the Fashion. She has been spotted lately wearing Dior dresses, sunglasses and handbags. It looks like The star is inspired by simple outfits, but then she accessorizes them with gorgeous shades and scarfs.

Take a look at the mix and Match of Sharon's latest items spotted!!


Who's into Orange this year??

We all know that Winter 2010/11 is more about beige, brown and grey. Take a look at Celine's or Marc Jacobs's latest collection for this season. It's all on those colours. However,  There are few celebrities that resist wearing them and decide to show in a rather summery shade- Orange...

Orange nails, orange dresses, even orange bags and  belts. A colour nobody would suggest for winter and yet it's a brilliant suggestion. I myself wouldn't imagine walking into a store, looking for winter clothes in an orange colour. I would probably be stand in front of it and ask myself: " Who in hell would buy orange clothes for winter?!?" But, here you go.... Everything can happen... .


Celebrity Style of the Week

After a long research, BaniCeleb has finally chosen the best looking celebrities of the week! And the winners for best outfits goes to Ashlee Simpson and Emma Watson !!

On your left side you will see Ashlee dressed in a long above the ankle black dress. I love how it flows around the ankles, and how the dress has a small amount of white fabric at the very end of it. It gives more detail to the legs. Then there is the upper part of the dress which is just fab. Designed as a casual dress, it can be only worn with high heels!!

On Ashlee's left side, Emma Watson sparkles in a gorgeous punky style mini dress. I love the idea with the frills. It gives more creativity to the style. And I love how Emma accessorized herself by adding a small red rose to the side of her dress, as if she wanted to look girly and cute in that rock styled outfit!!


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