November 22, 2010

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Aguilera's Latest  look!!

 When you think about Celebrities performing onstage, you probably think those celebrities prepare themselves wearing expensive clothes, make-up shoes. But in fact, Christina Aguilera is a star, who does not need fancy and expensive clothes to glam on stage. In fact, Christina was inspired by TopShop!!
During a performance for CBS Christina Aguilera appeared in the milky, clear coat brands Topshop, which is a stylistic challenge. Unable to bear it "for everything", the bottom layer should interact with the whole. Christina opted for a corset in black and white stripes.

Transparent plastic clothes for the first time appeared in the '60s Returned in 2009, inter alia, through Charles Anastase and his spring - summer collection. In recent years transparent items (for example,  an umbrella that Carrie Bradshaw used in "Sex and the City" movie, or the Coat that Christina wears on the photo above), have become very well known in today's modern Fashion World. 

Arrangement of "transparency" requires some effort, but the effect can be truly unique and origina!!


 Celebrities Looking fabulous!

 You may already see those photos, but if you haven't then the better!! A couple of weeks ago, two gorgeous celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry were inspired by The Blonds latest Autumn/Winter collection

 In the September Prestige Kim turns into a sex icon. For the photos Kim wore a fully sequined dress. The dress is absolutely unique, but it was already worn by other star... Katy Perry. 

Now, there is no doubt that both Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry look absolutely Fab. But which one looks better. Is the dress more fantastic on Kim's curvy body, or on Katy's slightly slimmer but still gorgeous body?? Comment, vote, let us know what you think!!

The Blonds Autumn/winter 2010

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