November 17, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Olsen Ready for Winter 2010 2011

 We Love it!! The latest styles from the Olsen Twins are simply gorgeous! This year, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are trying something more unique this season, wearing Fury coats and jackets. But that's not all! fabulous knitwear with many varieties of prints but still limiting themselves with the season's most wanted colour - black, beige, grey and anything between them. And let's not forget Olsen's favourite accessory- Huge dark sunglasses the American Style.

Here is a mix of the outfits that were lately spotted on them. Enjoy!!



The Vicky Style

This is one of my favourite outfits from Victoria Beckham's Collection. I love the style and the fabric. And, let's not forget, grey is the new YES to this winter season.

The outfit is sold without a belt, but just like Victoria on the photo, she added more glam to the look by simply wearing one. The look can be topped up with gorgeous high heeled shoes and posh dark shades. Don't forget your black purse!!

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