November 4, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Looking Fab, Kylie!

Kylie Minogue has been spotted lately downtown London looking absolutely fab! The singer not only interested the media with her beautiful leather bag, but also her unusual shoes catched most of the attention. Minogue created a punky and chick look, but still giving a touch of elegance in her outfit. Shoes are rather unusual, with dark spiky hair located on the heel.

The shoes are from the Yves Saint Laurent's Autumn Collection and cost around 935$.

 Yves Saint Laurent


 Amy Winehouse's Collection for Fred Perry

From the Collection by Amy Winehouse,  you are able to find loads of classy and elegant outfits. From a simple black and White shirt- with Fred Perry's Logo on it- down to pencil skirts and plain sweaters. It's a fact that both Amy and Fred Perry representatives expressed great excitement collection, but wasn't this excitement too... little?? The collection is really fantastic, but we are all over with pencil skirts-  The collection is rather a "Been there" yelling Connection.
Besides that  I must admit that Amy looks very good - healthy and fresh. Let us hope that the good has emerged from the crisis....

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