November 26, 2010

Latest Fashion News

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 Two in One Dress!

We all know Stella McCartney is inspiring most celebrities with her gorgeous gowns and dresses. The most recently spotted celebrities who were inspired are Jennifer Garner and Rihanna. Both looking amazingly hot and stunning.

 Even though the two of them wore the same dress, Jennifer went for high black pumps, silver clutch and a piece of golden Jewellery, where as Rihanna didn't. I guess it is because Rihanna herself is glamorous- her red hair make an outstanding look. Wearing anything shiny will just make the look more "overdone" .


 Olivia For Mango Campain

  Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend Johannes Heuble took part in the winter campaign of Mango. During the presentation of the collection Olivia appeared in a trendy, yet classic set, which would be ideal for any evening event, business meeting or date.Wide trousers with high waist - are the hit of the season - combined with a white silk blouse create a classic and impressive set. Olivia supplemented it expressive, brown, gold jewelry, and accessories. Subdued color styling broken red nail polish. Red with beige, camel or brown always create a very effective combination.

The photo above presents items that WILL make you look like Olivia Palermo on the photo:
Top: Mango, Trousers: Reserved, Belt: Pull & Bear, Handbag: Mango, Bracelet: TopShop, Shoes: TopShop


 Megan Spotted!!

Just recently the photographers spotted Megan Fox wondering around Beverly Hills, minding her own Business. Even though a day for her might be the same as always, but for BaniCeleb, walking around looking so fabulous like Megan Fox on the photo... Well, you cannot be not noticed:)

 A simple belt, black top, above the ankle trousers and high heels- that's got to feel nice! I think she deserves to be on BaniCeleb's post, I really do.

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November 24, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Keeping Cool with Sharon

 This winter, Sharon Stone tries to concentrate more on the Fashion. She has been spotted lately wearing Dior dresses, sunglasses and handbags. It looks like The star is inspired by simple outfits, but then she accessorizes them with gorgeous shades and scarfs.

Take a look at the mix and Match of Sharon's latest items spotted!!


Who's into Orange this year??

We all know that Winter 2010/11 is more about beige, brown and grey. Take a look at Celine's or Marc Jacobs's latest collection for this season. It's all on those colours. However,  There are few celebrities that resist wearing them and decide to show in a rather summery shade- Orange...

Orange nails, orange dresses, even orange bags and  belts. A colour nobody would suggest for winter and yet it's a brilliant suggestion. I myself wouldn't imagine walking into a store, looking for winter clothes in an orange colour. I would probably be stand in front of it and ask myself: " Who in hell would buy orange clothes for winter?!?" But, here you go.... Everything can happen... .


Celebrity Style of the Week

After a long research, BaniCeleb has finally chosen the best looking celebrities of the week! And the winners for best outfits goes to Ashlee Simpson and Emma Watson !!

On your left side you will see Ashlee dressed in a long above the ankle black dress. I love how it flows around the ankles, and how the dress has a small amount of white fabric at the very end of it. It gives more detail to the legs. Then there is the upper part of the dress which is just fab. Designed as a casual dress, it can be only worn with high heels!!

On Ashlee's left side, Emma Watson sparkles in a gorgeous punky style mini dress. I love the idea with the frills. It gives more creativity to the style. And I love how Emma accessorized herself by adding a small red rose to the side of her dress, as if she wanted to look girly and cute in that rock styled outfit!!


November 22, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Aguilera's Latest  look!!

 When you think about Celebrities performing onstage, you probably think those celebrities prepare themselves wearing expensive clothes, make-up shoes. But in fact, Christina Aguilera is a star, who does not need fancy and expensive clothes to glam on stage. In fact, Christina was inspired by TopShop!!
During a performance for CBS Christina Aguilera appeared in the milky, clear coat brands Topshop, which is a stylistic challenge. Unable to bear it "for everything", the bottom layer should interact with the whole. Christina opted for a corset in black and white stripes.

Transparent plastic clothes for the first time appeared in the '60s Returned in 2009, inter alia, through Charles Anastase and his spring - summer collection. In recent years transparent items (for example,  an umbrella that Carrie Bradshaw used in "Sex and the City" movie, or the Coat that Christina wears on the photo above), have become very well known in today's modern Fashion World. 

Arrangement of "transparency" requires some effort, but the effect can be truly unique and origina!!


 Celebrities Looking fabulous!

 You may already see those photos, but if you haven't then the better!! A couple of weeks ago, two gorgeous celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry were inspired by The Blonds latest Autumn/Winter collection

 In the September Prestige Kim turns into a sex icon. For the photos Kim wore a fully sequined dress. The dress is absolutely unique, but it was already worn by other star... Katy Perry. 

Now, there is no doubt that both Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry look absolutely Fab. But which one looks better. Is the dress more fantastic on Kim's curvy body, or on Katy's slightly slimmer but still gorgeous body?? Comment, vote, let us know what you think!!

The Blonds Autumn/winter 2010

November 20, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Tom Ford Spring/ Summer 2011

For Spring 2011 Tom Ford is proud to present his amazing and outstanding collection. And I am really sorry  cannot show you the outfits, as I believe they have not been released yet. The only photos available now are the advertisements and the ones found in Vogue.  But from the photos I added here you can clearly see what sort of style inspired Tom Ford: Classy, elegant and back to to mid 70's style.


Not only beautiful models such as Karen Elson,Anja Rubik, Joan Smalls, Carolyn Murphy and Edita Vilkeviciute had the honor to present this gorgeous collection, but also Tom Ford himself, showed up to shoot the photos together with the models.


From the photos I see, this collection will be a great hit. Long tight dresses where most of them are Leopard prints. you can also find more plain dresses, woman's suits and skinny trousers. 

The models wore heavy make-up. Dark red lipsticks, pale powder, heavy and dark eye shadows were used to create a more "mysterious  look" . The hairstyles range, depending on what the model wore.

Dare To wear??

 Leighton Meester is one of the Celebrities who knows what the Red Carpet is for. She knows that once she puts a foot on it, it's her moment to shine. An she really knows how to shine!!
For the Harry Winston Count of Jewels Ball, Leighton paraded in a really, really daring outfit from Marchesa newest collection . You cannot say it is a gown, but it was designed to look so. The outfit is so unique, the upper body looks so wonderful with the huge decolletage almost reaching her navel.

The make-up, the purse, the everything!!

Leighton Meester Outfit

November 17, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Olsen Ready for Winter 2010 2011

 We Love it!! The latest styles from the Olsen Twins are simply gorgeous! This year, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are trying something more unique this season, wearing Fury coats and jackets. But that's not all! fabulous knitwear with many varieties of prints but still limiting themselves with the season's most wanted colour - black, beige, grey and anything between them. And let's not forget Olsen's favourite accessory- Huge dark sunglasses the American Style.

Here is a mix of the outfits that were lately spotted on them. Enjoy!!



The Vicky Style

This is one of my favourite outfits from Victoria Beckham's Collection. I love the style and the fabric. And, let's not forget, grey is the new YES to this winter season.

The outfit is sold without a belt, but just like Victoria on the photo, she added more glam to the look by simply wearing one. The look can be topped up with gorgeous high heeled shoes and posh dark shades. Don't forget your black purse!!

November 15, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Celebrities Spotted!!!

 Check out who caught  BaniCeleb's attention this week and see how to wear things with glam and style!!

Katy Perry- eye-catched her fans wearing an amazing purple dress by Miu Miu, strappy black heels as well as M.C.L by Matthew Laurenza bangle

Rihanna was lately spotted leaving her Hotel down in Madrid. She amazed us wearing a colorblock dress paired with tan lace-ups and a blush beret. 

Gwen Stefani- I just love her style!! The star glammed in a belted plaid collar coat with suede lace-up boots from her own design.


 Partying the Girly Style

 The floral dresses may slowly vanish from the store racks and new style may be brought in, but for some people, this does not mean the end of their existence. 

For some people like Natalie Portman. For the Premier of "the Black Swan" this gorgeous actress had the world in her feet as she paraded in a floral knee-length dress by Rodarte. Natalie looks so fresh and young, her clear make-up adds more innocence to her look, and her hair falling on her shoulders.... very girly. And I almost forgot I was November!!

The dress is very similar to the ones sold in cheaper shops, such as TopShop and River Island. The Dress is perfect for any occasion and may be worn with either flat or high- heeled shoes.

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November 13, 2010

Yes To Yellow!!

We may know Victoria from her strictly-one-colour outfits (of which most of them are black or grey). I myself am a big fan of wearing colour black and I find this colour very interesting no matter what season!!

But it looks like Victoria Beckham has been inspired by the colour... yellow. For her Spring 2011 collection, VB introduces a variety of colorful clothes. Although the fabric and theme stays the same ( same pencil skirts, small decolletage), Victoria tries to show us how from a simple boring piece of cloth you can turn it into a beautiful piece of art!!

How To wear it Right

What's up with those ankle length boots? As if they came out of nowhere, and yet they are on almost every window display. You cannot tell they are elegant, yet they match elegant outfits... . they look casual, but they work as high heels!! What's up with it??
Apparently these shoes can go with almost everything, until you will follow one important rule. MIX&MATCH. Yes. Those shoes go with everything and nothing, Mix all possible clothes, and add them together. The photo above shows a perfect example.

Dare to Mix??

Good To Floral  around sometimes

Claudia Shiffer Likes floral things...

This Lady has been lately spotted around New York, wearing a over the knee floral dress, a floral scarf and a stripy top. I don't know about you, but I surely love it!! It is like she invents her own looks, and does not care what everybody else think about it!!

You Go Girl!!

November 11, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Mix & Match Winter Style

 Hats, floral prints, feathers, gold bangles, high heeled shoes. Yes, they all sound really convincing, but how in the world can all these items come together to create a perfect match?
Luckily for you, BaniCeleb knows it all!! It's the perfect mix and Match, where you can look even more awesome this winter!! Take all your old clothes and play the mix and match game!!


When you place all these items separately, they may not pop into your head, that all them can be joined together and you, my dear, can look fantastic!!

At the beginning I wasn't sure whether a furry jacket will go well with a hat-with a feather attached. My first thought was : ''What a sham!!'', But when I added more pieces together, they solved like a puzzle!!

Please comment if you need more looks. You can also send me a photo of your favourite item and I will simply create great looks for you to try!!


Kate Moss in her Shoes:)

Famous supermodel Kate Moss has been recently spotted downtown London, looking very casual in her outfit. The mother of one wore a gorgeous Vintage coat and those stunning boots. We usually saw Kate wearing leopard skin on her coats and jackets, but I guess shoes are the same thing!! Anyone could wear those boots, but probably as not as good as Kate!!

rumor has it that Kate Moss wants to spend more time with her family and less time partying all night in clubs. She has been seen going out more often with her mother, spending quality time with her daughter Lily Grace and precious moments with her boyfriend, Jamie Hince. I guess she took it really seriously and it shows!!

November 7, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Dare to Wear??
 While Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts were eye catching the viewers eyes with their simple but beautiful dresses during the premiere ''Salt'', Kristin Cavallari decided to glam to the full. Wearing a sexy daring dress,the star had more to show than hide in a grey spiky- shoulder dress from the Autumn collection by The Blonds( a 2member team, Phillipe and David Blond)

The Blonds is mainly famous for its glamorous unique and handmade creations worn by many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, Rihanna, Fergie and now Kristin. So you know how good the Brand is. And the dress worn by Miss Cavallari- a jackpot.

 Other Creations designed by The Blonds


 What goes on with Anne...
 Well, all I can say, Anne Hathaway is doing very well.  For the Premiere of  ''Love and other Drugs'', the gorgeous celebrity has been wearing a white pencil dress from Antonio Berardi and high heels by Sergio Rossi. To this look, Anne wore a beautiful make-up and gold Jewellery. Nothing is overdone or overdressed. Anne Looks absolutely beautiful.

White has always been a daring colour, because it doesn't slim you down, but Anne gave it a go with a fab dress anyway. I love the dress cut, its fabric and style.

November 4, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Looking Fab, Kylie!

Kylie Minogue has been spotted lately downtown London looking absolutely fab! The singer not only interested the media with her beautiful leather bag, but also her unusual shoes catched most of the attention. Minogue created a punky and chick look, but still giving a touch of elegance in her outfit. Shoes are rather unusual, with dark spiky hair located on the heel.

The shoes are from the Yves Saint Laurent's Autumn Collection and cost around 935$.

 Yves Saint Laurent


 Amy Winehouse's Collection for Fred Perry

From the Collection by Amy Winehouse,  you are able to find loads of classy and elegant outfits. From a simple black and White shirt- with Fred Perry's Logo on it- down to pencil skirts and plain sweaters. It's a fact that both Amy and Fred Perry representatives expressed great excitement collection, but wasn't this excitement too... little?? The collection is really fantastic, but we are all over with pencil skirts-  The collection is rather a "Been there" yelling Connection.
Besides that  I must admit that Amy looks very good - healthy and fresh. Let us hope that the good has emerged from the crisis....

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